Zandalar WoW: storyline of the Horde empire

Zandalar is a homeland for the race of trolls and the heart of troll civilization in Azeroth. In previous time Zandalar was a part of Kalimdor, the continent created by Titans a millennia ago. First, it was the name of the holy mountain where Wild Gods lived. After Cataclysm, Zandalar has got into chaos and every part of it has started to decay.

Now, in Battle for Azeroth, Zandalar Empire is an area of huge fighting:

✔ from one hand it’s a civil war between blood trolls and zandalari trolls;

✔ from other hand – Horde in BFA is making a war with Alliance again.

zandalar map: horde empire

See Zandalar Map and let’s explore the location together

The perfect Zuldazar trolls capital 

zulzadar explore

Zandalar map starts with its capital – Zulzadar troll capital. It’s a beautiful city that is located on the peaks of Zalzadar, in the heart of the continent. It’s surrounded by the sea from east, west, and south.

zuldazar view: Zandalar location - swtorpowerleveling

Trolls consider their capital a jewel of the civilization and are proud of it. This situation has remained until recent times. All tribes of trolls had a tradition to gather every 6 years and share knowledge they had in order to keep their empire prosperous.

zuldazar troll

What does Nazmir mean

Zandalar empire BFA has to deal with Blood Trolls who came from Nazmir and behaved as invaders and needs help of Horde. Now this beautiful land has accepted other races after Horde helped trolls in fight with Rastakhan.


Nazmir WoW in its best times was a land of dense forest with a vast diversity of insects and beats, which, however, are under the sea now. It’s all ruined and inhabited with Blood Trolls who worship one of the Old Gods, the Blood God G’huun.

nazmir view

Nazmir Battle for Azeroth is the darkest part of Zandalar Zone and it’s a threat not only for Alliance but also for native races as well. After Cataclysm Blood trolls raised their head and have started the most powerful campaign if all times. Its apogee is now shown in Battle for Azeroth.

WoW Voldun story

Zandalar location: horde kingdom

This part of Horde Empire was a beautiful dune zone in recent times. Now, thanked efforts of Aqir, Vol’dun WoW is a dead desert where only criminals and robbers can live. Actually, it’s the only place on Zandalar where they can feel free without the necessity to hide. Here you will meet sethrak, vulpera and vagabonds. What we must pay attention at is a race of sethrak as they are a race of serpent people who worship Loa Sethraliss. Loa Sethraliss once sacrifices her own life for the sake of sethrak people in a war against Mythrax the Unraveler, one of 8 bosses we meet in Uldir. Mythrax was locked in Uldir for ages but WoW Zandalari now must face this dark power and finally win the final battle.         

New WoW Dungeons

for the horde

Zandalar WoW has a number of dungeons. The most difficult and the biggest one is Uldir where you have to fight with 8 bosses in order to reach the most impressive one – Blood God. But there are several other dungeons in different parts of Zandalar Empire to get acquainted with.

Atal’DazarTroll Dungeons WoW

Atal’Dazar is a place where ancient kings found their peace. Here you will find many tombs and pyramids which served by their meaning till Prophet Zul and his lieutenant Yazma decided to use the power of his place and kings for the sake of their own needs – for dark spells and curses.

Atal'Dazar troll: Atal Dazar dungeon

Kings’ Rest

Kings’ Rest is the second part of dungeon that is called Atal’Dazar and it’s one of the most sacred places on Zandalar. Here priests and all represents of royal families keep their spirits and thus, give this place a special mood and role.

mummified raptor skull from kings rest BFA

Temple of Sethraliss

Temple of Sethraliss is a dungeon devoted to Loa who we talked about earlier. She gave her life to save sethrak people and this is the place where they worship and honor her. Sethrak people brought Loa’s remains and built a temple around them. Till BFA they were in safe but dark power is waking up already.

New wow dungeons: Temple of Sethraliss

The Underrot BfA

Underrot is a dungeon that is built around Uldir. It has its own bosses – Elder Leaxa, Cragmaw the Infested, Sporecaller Zancha, Unbound Abomination who replaced Taloc as the final boss.

New wow dungeons: Underrot

Uldir, halls of control

uldir halls of control new dungeon

Uldir is located under Nazmir. As we know it’s a land of Blood Trolls. So, the whole power of this race is concentrated here. G’huun is the main God to eliminate to set the whole continent free from blood magic.

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