WoW Professions in Battle for Azeroth Guide

If you already have a profession in WoW, get ready to learn changes. WoW professions BfA are still divided into expansions but there is no one common bar for all of them. Each expansion has a progress bar of 950 levels. At the same time every profession, except Alchemy, has its own 8 progress bars. Choose your best money making professions BfA based on this guide. 

1-300 for Classic

1-75 for Outland

1-75 for Northrend

1-75 for Cataclysm

1-75 for Pandaria

1-100 for Draenor

1-100 for Legion

1-150 for Kul Tiras

1-150 for Zandalari


We will give you an example to understand better how it works for the professions in BfA.  Imagine you wish to upgrade your skills in Archaeology, in particularly Cataclysm Archeology. It means you need to work about leveling up this bar – Cataclysm – exactly by using its recipes. When you wish to gain max level of all you will have to work about each of them separately. In case you lost or reset information about recipes you can easily master and relearning professions in BfA again with help of the special table of professions. Look up for Forgotten Techniques of Zandalar or Forgotten Techniques of Kul Tiras in mining, herbalism or skinning.

Bfa professions

There are new reagents for BfA professions.

  • Expulsom is available at 100 item level with max stack 200. You can get from the Scrapper and certain transmutes. The Scrapper is an incredible new device that is used to recycle any craftable and equipable weapon and armors into reagents. As a result, these reagents become a material for creating the weapons and armor of the same type.
  • Sanguicell is of 110 item level, comes from Uldir dungeon originally. This reagent was used at the territory where cursed objects were located within experiments. You can gain at from raid bosses and craft fantastic 370, 385 BoP Armor.
  • Hydrocore is of 100 item level, comes from the bosses in Kul Tiras and Zandalar dungeons of Mythic mode only. With its help, you can create 355 Armor.          

Profession Overviews

Wish to know about WoW BfA best professions? No hurry, take a look at their recipes and crafts and decide if they correspond to your hero, your goals and your way of gameplay. However, we are here to give you basic information about each profession based on two measurements: recipes and reagents they craft.



BfA alchemy knowledge includes:

  • Trinkets Siren’s Alchemist Stone and Surging Alchemist Stone. Mastering Alchemy you have a chance to craft BoP Champion Equipment – Potion of Herb Tracking. With it helps you can find the necessary herbs after completing the mission.
  • Flasks.
  • Primary Stat Potions.
  • Utility Potions of invisibility, mana restoration, a speed of moving, AoE poison.
  • A bug number of Transmutes.
  • Tinctures are trinkets that include battle buffs to heal you after getting damage or putting an effect that protects you.

High-level alchemists can also perform transmutations on elemental materials and some metals for use with other trade skills. Arcanite, which is used in high-level Blacksmithing recipes, cannot be mined – it can only be transmuted from Arcane Crystal, which is derived from Thorium.




You will have a chance to obtain two kinds of solves in one of the best professions BfA and three rares for each of them which belong to Drust Archaeology Fragment or Zandalari Archaeology Fragment. The table of rares is down below.

  • Dance of the Dead – 10 min Cooldown
  • Restored Revenant
  • Sanguinating Totem
  • Fetish of the Tormented Mind – attack the enemy to slow down, Cooldown for 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Croak Crock calls on the toads, 10 minutes cooldown
  • Intact Direhorn Hatchling steals the enemy’s health and gives it to the caster, 1 minute and 30 sec of Cooldown



The Bonuses Blacksmiths have are BoP Utility, BoP Plate Armor of max 385 item level and BoP Champion Equipment. Just like Alchemists, Blacksmiths have reagents which work on a constant base and are not like placeholder reagents. Look at table 26231 where you will find:

  • Weapons are Monel-Hardened Polearm, shanker, cutlass, hatchet, Deckpounder, Battleaxe and claymore.
  • Shields – Monel-Hardened Shield and Stormsteel Shield.
  • Special Mounts – Monel-Hardened Hoofplates and Monel-Hardened Stirups.
  • Armor – Monal-Hardened, Honorable Combatant’s Plate and Stormsteel.
  • Parts – Monelite Reinforced Chassis necessary for learning how to ride mount Xiwyllag ATV.
  • Lockpicking – Monelite Skeleton Key that opens lock of 600 item level.



BfA Cooking guide is not only about basic reagents gathered in the table 26231 but also a special recipe that you can gain only in the Waycrest Manor – the recipe tells you how to transform into the Pigman.

  • 10+ reagents like Thick Paleo Steak, Redtail Loach, Briny Flesh and others.
  • Mastery – Loa Loaf and Sailor’s Pie.
  • Versatility Mon’Dazi and Spiced Snapper.
  • Generic – Grilled Catfish, Seasoned Loins.
  • Critical Strike – Kul Tiramisu and Honey-Glazed Haunches.
  • Haste – Swamp Fish’n Chips and Ravenberry Tarts.
  • Feasts are great Bountiful Captain’s Feast and Galley Banquet

BfA cooking trainer        



BfA Enchanting is one of the most craftable profession. By mastering it you will have access to a huge range of enchants.

  • Basic Hearthstone Bracer Enchants.
  • 8+ Weapon Enchants include a new list of navigation weapons like Quick Navigation, Masterful, Versatile, Deadly and Stalwart navigation.
  • Battle Pet – Enchanted Tiki Mask.
  • Reagents – Veiled Crystal, Umbra Shard and Gloom Dust.
  • Ring Enchants.
  • Gloves Enchants.
  • PvP Wand.



In BfA Engineering use a chance to get acquainted with a new improved version of Mecha-Mogul Mk2. Plus it is enriched with an impressive number of reagents and recipes made of them.

  • BoP Helms which level up your skill of engineering
  • BoP Champion Equipment
  • Belt Enchants
  • Deployable Attire Rearranger
  • Ranged Weapon Devices
  • Interdimensional Companion Repository
  • Bombs
  • Parts
  • Electroshock Mount Motivator
  • Weapons for melee damage

engineering trainer



Learning everything about fishing you will get this.

  • 7+ New fish.
  • Rare Fish – Rasboralus and U’taka.
  • New Fish mount – Great Sea Ray.
  • Midnight Salmon is another rare fish with the ability to teleport you to the closest fish node. Find and use it within Kul Tiras and Zanadalar.



When you master this profession you get access to the unique and enchanted piece of clothes.

  • They know spells to enchant any kind of cloak with Feathery Spellthread, Discreet Spellthread or Resilient Spellthread.
  • Tailors create BoP armor of 385 item level max.
  • They create BoP Champion Equipment like Rough-hooked Tidespray Linen.
  • Their recipes and reagents include Battle Flags, cloaks, armor, bags, nets, pets and different cloth.  

Changes in new patch             

As you see there are no new professions in BfA new patch 8.2 though the First Aid is removed. But each profession has got some changes by having its own scale of levels. Blizzard explains it like that: once you have reached 800 level in your profession you can count now that it’s 100 at each tier. Why? Exactly because there is no one bar for all professions but a separate bar for every tier. If you are 650 then it’s counted like that: 100 for the first expansions, 50 for Warlords of Draenor and that’s it, no Legion, as now they are divided into 2 different bars, does not work as one anymore.    

Such changes must give a positive influence on the most difficult and so-called hi-end recipes like mounts or pets which demand max level of the profession.
Talking of the First Aid profession, it is deleted from the available options but some of its most important rares will be available in different professions. For example, bandages are integrated into Tailoring now.

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