WoW Brawler’s guild coming back: BfA Rewards Guide

Do you wish to make your BfA mission more interesting and exciting? Do not miss a chance to take part in fights organized by WoW Brawler’s Guild. Being a member of guild upgrade your hero’s rank, get new achievements, mounts and armor. We know how to get that all, so read carefully and become fully armed with us.

Brawler’s Guild 8.1.5

What is Brawler’s Guild like now in this patch 8.1.5? Are there any differences? Oh sure, new sets of armor and the mount are there waiting. To become a member of the guild is not difficult at all.

You should know it’s a neutral territory where Horde and Alliance do not make war against each other. Instead, each hero can get a higher rank, enrich himself with rewards and real gold. Get into as many fights as you want but remember the bigger number of it the better.

Anyway, if you have a goal not only be a participant of the encounters but have rewards, you will need to complete the Brawler’s Guild BfA questline where a certain amount of battles is already planned for each.

How to get the hai mount – Murder Mystery Questline

Being a neutral side Brawler’s Guild has prepared the same Murder Mystery Questline for each faction. Heroes of Brawler’s Guild Horde has exactly the same path as the warriors from Alliance. The questline is not only about to fight all monsters you see on your path. There is a guideline and a goal you must reach. Let’s get started with it!


The mount is considered to be the main reward in this guild. Why? Brawler’s Guild Battle for Azeroth introduces us Bruce the Mount of an ancient crocodile look being wrapped with shell and armor. It provides heroes with new armor. This is where the differences between Alliance and Horde faction starts as hai does not have the same appearance for them.


This time Brawler’s Guild quest line starts with a terrible murder – Quartermaster of Guild called Quackenbush is killed by an unknown criminal. You should find out who did that.

From now the steps in questline are the following:

  • First suspect: Lord Winifred Browne. He needs money badly, so he is number one in the list of suspects. Win in the Financial Participation Incentive and get some gold. Another task is to get the victory in a fight with him –  A Favor for Your Old Chum Winifred.
  • Second suspect: Shadowmaster O’Flannerty. Get Soul Splinters and Super Soul Splinters which will bring you money as well.
  • Third suspect: Grant Lazarby. This personage will grant a free entrance to VIP zone as you will reach rank 6 after defeating him.
  • The Brawlpub Trial. After all 3 suspects were discovered it’s time to decide which one is guilty. The trial consists of several scenes.
  • The Killer Revealed. Too early to be happy you have won. Get in the encounters with the Ethereal and his Void attacks and find Bozmo who is the actual owner of guild.
  • Final reward: Bruce the Mount. The final step that brings new armor.

Quartermaster Rewards: TYLARR GRONNDEN, CLOCK’EM

Find a couple of important rewards from the Quartermaster. The main are Tabard for Horde and Alliance and hai. Each costs a good amount of money so important to obtain for free.

But the main help you get from the battle pets – Tyllar Gronnenden and Clock’em, each with special abilities.

  • hai (1 ilvl) with abilities: Crush, Body slam, Takedown, Haymaker, Bandage.

    hai (1 ilvl) with such abilities: Dodge, Jab, Counterstrike, Overtune, Haymaker, Kick.

BfA Brawler’s Guild Achievements

Full list of 8.5.1 Brawler’s Guild Achievements includes such items.

  • hai. To gain this item win over 10 bosses using a random mode of the game.
  • hai. The name of the item comes from the kind of bosses you will defeat – rumble. The boss is not one or 2, defeat them all.
  • hai. By defeating random brawls get 20 000 coins in the package with buffs. Get stacking Vested Interest as well.
  • hai. Get 10 stacks of that Vested Interest. Each will be available after you guess the winner in the battles according to the High Roller’s Contract. A kind of gambling for sure.

Brawler’s Guild Transmog Armor

Here is the list of Transmog Armor available in Brawler’s Guild. The name is the same for each faction but the appearance is different.

Brawler's Guild Transmog Armor

  • Brawler’s Headgear
  • Shoulderpads
  • Harness using chess
  • Bracer Chains using wrist
  • Heavily Belt
  • Gloves
  • Leggins
  • Footpads

WoW brawler’s guild boost

Whether you are in Brawler’s Guild Alliance or Horde you are invited to upgrade your hero as soon as possible and get the easier path of the whole questline. Service Huskyboost has prepared a couple of super-products which help to complete all parts of a long quest. The available items are:

  • Brawler’s Guild invite.
  • You are not the contents of your wallet achievement.
  • Educated Guesser achievement.
  • Rumble Club Achievement.
  • I am Thrall’s complete lack of surprise achievement.

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