Windwalker Monk DPS Guide – Battle for Azeroth 8.1

Here is a new Windwalker Monk guide based on the latest changes and additions to this spec in patches 8.0 and 8.1 in Battle for Azeroth. If you have played as Monk already you know what to expect though there are some impressive changes waiting for you.

These changes are making Windwalker Monk even stronger in any kinds of battles and especially in Dungeons. No need to be scared with raids, dungeons and even Mythic+ mode. WoW Windwalker Monk is famous as the only DPS spec in Monk class. His weapons are all one-handed: swords, maces, axes, staves and Fist weapons.

There are some limits for using hai which gives Monk a chance to use all those weapons effectively. The races who can play as Monk are all except Nissa’s Remains, Worgen and Goblins. Windwalker Monk has an impressive set of abilities and talents but it’s easy to rotate them as his most powerful weapon is AoE which is pretty strong.

Changes for Windwalker Monk: stat priority

Windwalker Monk stats are pretty familiar though you will find some additional components.

  • Agility increases the power of your attack and the of all the abilities you use during the encounter.
  • Versatility increases the absorption, damage dealt and healing, reduces damage taken.
  • hai is extremely important as it increases the damage that you give with each ability. But when you use the same ability several times in a row its power reduces and you do not get bonuses for it.
  • Haste gives extra damage to DoTs and HoTs, gives speed to spells, reduces GCD. Haste also enhances Energy Regeneration.
  • Critical Strike empowers monk Windwalker talents and spells making them being critically hit by giving double power of damage.
  • Weapon Damage.

Windwalker Monk talents

Many of the talents have changed since Legion expansion. We will point out the most significant ones which are going to make your BfA Windwalker Monk stronger.

  • Abilities removed: hai, hai, hai.
  • New talents: hai, hai, hai.
  • Changes for hai: now it absorbs all damages taken during 10 sec, redirects 70% of it to the enemy and adds 50% to max health.
  • Changes for hai: 35% to max health and +10% of damage to the enemy.
  • Changes for hai: 100% of redirection for max health.
  • Changes for hai: now last for 6 sec while demands 1 Chi for every charge.
  • Changes for hai: gives damage all the time while active.

Changes for Windwalker Monk: Strengths and Weaknesses

WoW Windwalker Monk stat priority can’t be used effectively when you do not master all the necessary talent and advantages that this Monk has. So, let’s go straight to the point.

Strengths of Windwalker Monk:

☑ abilities like Roll, hai and hai provide Monk with high mobility;

☑ his talents make him good in dungeons;

high priority of one enemy combats;

☑ has high flexibility with AoE damage and cooldowns.

Weaknesses of Windwalker Monk:

❌ cooldowns are not defensive mostly plus low level of immunities talents;

❌ uses only one talent to be competitive in damage – hai.

Spec, Builds, and Talents overview of tiers and levels

You realize how much Windwalker Monk stat weights now. So, it’s better to start using all those abilities and talents that this class has in a smart way. Monk is available at level 15 which means that starting with this moment 3 talents will be suggest after reaching every new level.

To get the best Windwalker Monk talents means not to master all of them and pretend to be strong but choose only those which will help to level the hero up as fast as possible. Here is a table for you. We have chosen only 1 or max 2 talents on each level which is will be perfect for Windwalker Monk leveling.

  • Tier 1 level 15hai is active talent that has cooldown for 30 sec.
  • Tier 2 level 30 – Celerity (a passive talent) and hai.
  • Tier 3 level 45hai which is effective for building Chi.
  • Tier 4 level 60hai.
  • Tier 5 level 75 – all 3 talents have the same value so no particular recommendation.
  • Tier 6 level 90hai great in combat with using AoE, hai is active and has cooldown for 2 min.
  • Tier 7 level 100 – Serenity deals damage and gives cooldown for 9- sec, Whirling Dragon Punch is another active talent with cooldown. These two are the best Windwalker Monk leveling talents, so make sure you gain them when you have a chance.

Monk DPS Azerite Traits

Be ready to learn much information about Azerite traits for Windwalker Monk 8.1. There is a long list of traits based on the specific – Spec, Zone and Role. Among them you will find different powers which will help to become strong, more effective and move forward. Take a look at the powers that provide each piece of trait with special value. They are hiding in 4 types of rings.

Monk DPS Azerite Traits
  • Blue ring, the first one – gives basic zone and spec powers.
  • Green ring, the second one – role powers, more than 15.
  • Yellow ring, the third one – important defensive powers and Utility (necessary for Mythic+).
  • Red ring, the final one – has not only special powers but always Azerie Empowered which means it gives 5 ilvl to each trait.

Mythic+ mode

While you are concentrated on single target combats you need to use these WoW Windwalker Monk talents.

But as soon as you pay more attention at AoE damage make sure you keep this table close to you.

  • hai
  • hai
  • hai
  • hai
  • hai
  • hai
  • hai
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