BFA Uldir raid: Halls of control raid guide

Raid overview: first BFA raid overview

Uldir raid is the biggest and the most impressive raid on Zandalar. Just take a look at the entrance to Uldir: fantastic graphics and detailed map that will lead to each boss step by step. Talking about bosses, Uldir Halls of Control has got 8 bosses at once.

Yes, it’s so huge that every section deserves guarding. Those bosses are more or less dangerous and difficult but we recommend paying attention on the space of dungeon itself. There are so many surprises and features waiting for you. You can get access to Uldir only having a personage of 120 level, no less. There are several levels, each with tanks, healers, casts etc. The higher level the more abilities it will request. This Uldir raid guide is made to give you basic information about the raid and open some secrets of tactic in battles with bosses.

uldir raid boss

Uldir location & raid map

Uldir is located under the earth, in Nazmir. This part of Zandalar continent tells us one main thing: Uldir location is a sign that Blood Trolls are somewhere very close. Nazmir is their home land. Blood Trolls, somehow, are pretty sure that they will spread their magic over the whole Horde continent and will even reach the scared places like dungeons where the ancient kings found their peace. You will find nothing but only dark power there in Nazmir as none of Trolls tribes lives there anymore, it’s a lifeless territory.

uldir raid map

  • Uldir map shows us a non-linear space divided into 8 rooms
  • Each room is guarded by the boss
  • Uldir raid bosses are staffed completely
  • They have their own abilities – their power will demand high levels of healing from the player.

Uldir raid bosses and their description

ghuun bfa boss

We can get acquainted with some bosses in beta version of Battle for Azeroth. Uldir preview tells us there are 8 of them and each has its own abilities and features. Let’s see what we know about Uldir BFA bosses right now and hope it will be helpful for all players who are looking forward to trying the new expansion.


Most of players agree that this boss reminds very much the Maiden from Tomb of Sargeras. To win over the boss is not that difficult. Another thing is the raid itself. The part of dungeon, that she guards, consists of 3 rooms. On Mythic level, from time to time the floor of the room is covered with fire pools. Sure, we must avoid them moving within the room. One more feature here is the wind that blows constantly and moves the players to the lava. It does not matter how many players are there for a battle with Mother, they must go to the next room one by one. Mother does not allow you beating herself if you stand in another room than she because it’s like an invisible wall between you and her.

The key to the successful result of the battle is in killing this Uldir boss as soon as possible because each room has its own features and the further you go the more difficult it becomes. While fighting keep an eye on the energy Depleted level in the right lowest corner of the screen: as soon as the level of the energy reaches 100 the whole room will be filled with fire and…all the players left there will be killed.


Vectis is another boss in the Uldir BFA raid the battle with whom consists of more than one fight. There are two phases, one is active when tanks attack the players which demand simple healing only. Also here you will meet Omega Vector that, once kicked onto the players, will not disappear. On Mythic wait for additional feature – Lingering Infection. Another phase starts when the boss pretends to be a pool of blood that brings damage to every player who stands in it. You never know the direction this pool will move. While running away from the blood pool, do not forget to wipe the voids, one by one, not with the whole groups. What for? The void zones give a fixed damage to the whole raid. When the boss is tired of playing in this phase he comes back to the first one, the active, and the things start all over again.

As you see here we’ve described detailed only 2 bosses of 8. Check them up and make sure you understood every affect the bosses in Uldir raid BFA has in their arsenal. This is the best chance to try the game in PvE mode. Definitely, the heroic and mythics are the most challenging and you will need all your powers and abilities to be successful. In that.

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    I feel like there is almost no connection between the Alliance storyline and this raid, is that accurate? Now, I’ve not completed everything in all the zones for alliance yet, but seems like this is a little out of left field if I wasn’t also leveling a Horde toon and familiar with the lore of the game.

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