Uldir raid guide: best Uldir Bosses Review

ULDIR Raid Boss Abilities

Greetings, Heroes of Azeroth! Today I’ll gonna tell you about Uldir bosses and how to deal with them. Take tea and cookies and let’s go through the boss list of Uldir raid!

TALOC the first fat boss

Taloc first uldir boss

Taloc – is the first boss with whom we must fight, but he is harder than in other raids.

How to get Taloc?

The battle can be divided into three stages:

1) The Bloody Puddles

The first thing we will have a face with – Plasma Discharge. This debuff is superimposed on several random players, under which once every two seconds

creating a Blood Storm.

Blood Storm forms a puddle of blood, inflicting damage every second to players within. To avoid the wipe on the first boss, step aside and leave the puddle in one place. Do not litter the arena with a thing that might kill you might kill you. But, you can clean the arena with next Taloc’s ability – Cudgel of Gore.

When Taloc the Corrupted accumulates 100% of the energy, then the current tank must run into the pool of blood, use the save and get damage from Cudgel of Gore.

After that within a radius of 18 yards, the puddle will disappear and the boss will drop his weapon. At the same time Cudgel of Gore inflicting damage and knocking back the rest of the raid by 30 yards.

A good solution is to plant one side, move to another side for saving and after Cudgel of Gore keep closer to a puddle. When Taloc charges to the weapon (Retrieve Cudgel), he is inflicting damage and knocking back everyone on his way.

It’s all most dangerous abilities at the first stage.

2)  Elevator

The second stage will begin when Taloc’s health drops below 35%.

He’s will be deactivated and reduced all incoming damage by 99% (Powered Down).

All blood will be concentrated at the center of the arena in one big puddle.

The elevator will move down and adds (minions) of two types will appear.

Coalesced Blood – for tanks. They must keep and circle them because this adds creating bloody puddles (Slough Off).  

Volatile Droplet – for others. Don’t let them touch you. You can slow, stan and kill If it comes to you so close, they will blow up and knock you back (Combustible Fuel). But the most important is Uldir Defensive Beam. It causes fatal damage in a short time.

3)  More Puddles

At the moment the elevator stops the third stage will start.

This phase almost like first, but the arena is bigger and adds keep appearing.

Watch by Plasma Discharge. Try plant bloody puddle on one side or the void zone

will increase.

How to kill MOTHER boss

The Mother – the second boss. The fight with this boss is wonderful! It’s single phase encounter. That takes place within rooms that over time will fill the fire and wipe your entire raid. The good decision will leave each chamber before the fire burns your pants. Well, let’s look at the boss’s abilities.

uldir boss mother

First Chamber

The first thing each tank should do after the pull is to turn the boss back to the raid.

After few stacks of Sanitizing Strike (applying a 50% taken damage increase debuff) tanks switching and do not allow to impose more than two stacks.

Be careful with Wind Tunnel or it will push you into the fire and you’ll die very quickly. Near the entrance to the next chamber there is an inclined wall, if you rest against it, then the wind will blow you off slower. For saving your pants – use blinks and sprints.

Next ability is Purifying Flame. It creates under each player void zones from which necessary run out.

Every chamber has an energy scale (Cleansing Purge). When it’s full, everyone who stays inside the chamber will burn alive. So you have to run to another room before it happens. But when one player crosses the blue barrier, the entire raid takes damage (Defense Grid). It’s not all after the crossing of each player, appear mob (Remnant of Corruption) and you must kill it faster before it uses Clinging Corruption. And one more thing, you can’t heal or deal damage through the barrier.

The best tactic is crossing the barrier by a group of DDs and one healer. DDs can quickly kill all Remnants and control it. At same time healer healing DDs. Simple. After that, the other players cross the barrier one by one. Heals and tanks the last who cross the border.

Second Chamber

The second room the same as the first, but the Uldir Defensive Beam is added. It causes fatal damage, but it can be easily avoided if you go through the hole in it.

Third Chamber

In the third room, everything is the same as in the second, except for the Depleted Energy. It’s Increases the damage of the boss by 100%. At this point, the best solution is to use Shaman’s Bloodlust (BL).


Fetit Devourer is the third Uldir boss. Let’s start and cover all mechanics of three-headed Puppy!

Well, Puppy’s mechanics are so simple and problems with his murder should not be.

The first thing you will see is a buff Trashing Terror. Stacks of this buff means quantity melee attacks before the Terrible Tras. It’s inflicting 300% damage of a standard melee attack. This attack is conducted on the nearest player to the current tank, so use two tanks for this encounter.

Keep an eye on is Malodorous Miasma. This DoT (Damage over Time) applied to random players lasting 18 seconds. After that, it imposes a new effect – Putrid Paroxysm lasting 6 seconds, but inflict more damage. Use saves at the Putrid Paroxysm and pays more attention to those who have this DoT.

Next ability is Rotting Regurgitation. This long casted frontal cone AoE (Area of Effect) will fire off towards of single player in a raid once the boss reaches a hundred percent energy. If you’ll stay close to the boss, you can easily avoid it. I don’t advise you to get into it if you don’t want to get a portion of Malodorous Miasma.

UldirFetid Devourer

Besides, Fetid Devourer calls Corruption Corpuscle. Before the spawn, you’ll see a long animation of appearing and will be prepared. You have 26 seconds to destroy two Corpuscles, or Puppy will eat it and healing for 10%.

In mythic added one more ability Shockwave Stomp. Fetid knocks back all players of very large distance.

When the boss’s health drops to 50%, he will receive a berserker (Fetid Frenzy), increasing deal damage by 25%, and damage taken by 50%. For obvious reasons, BL is better used after 50% HP.


After Taloc, Mother, and Puppy the nightmare of all arachnophobes of the Earth will be waiting for us and this is tactics against Zek’voz in Battle fort Azeroth. Let’s start!

At this encounter will three phase, but at the first, we must bring it to 90% health. Until then, Zek’voz BfSuses common for all phases abilities:

Titan Spark – passive and low damage to random players.

Shatter – increasing Physical damage taken by 50%.

ZEK’VOZ boss-

Void Lash – high damage cleave and reduces the healing received by 50%. Perfect to inactive tanks is to stay behind Zek’voz when Void Lash is casting. For the current tank – don’t run away or you will take two or three debuff stacks.

Surging Darkness void zones that explode. Dodge them easily, but be careful and don’t stand in front of the boss or you catch a debuff from Void Lash.


Skittering Swarm spawning Silithid Warrior. Attach to a random player, ignore the threat and attacking target. When striking, they impose a debuff Jagged Mandible that inflicting damage and slows down movement speed in mythic. The big problems with them do not arise.

Eye Beam – more dangerous than previous ability. This debuff is hung up on a random player and explodes, causing significant damage, and if there was someone else nearby, then the eye will jump at him.


After 65% beginning the second phase. Instead of the Silithids and the Eye, we come across with Yogg-Saron associated abilities.

Roiling Deceit – low damage debuff. But, it creates a void zone under the player when ended and you should not go into it. Advisable to leave it away from the raid, because if someone steps into, the puddle will disappear and in its place will spawn Guardian of Yogg-Saron. When he reaches a hundred percent energy (and after death) he inflicting a huge damage to all raid. After those healers will spend a lot of mana, and someone can die so use your saves.

You will also come across a Nerubian Voidweaver. Three mobs immune to grips (Shadowbind) but sensitive to stun and cast downs. They’ll stay and cast Void Bolt. They always appear in the same places so you can control em easily.

When the boss has 30% health, the last phase begins.

Mind Control

Titan Spark passive damage become more frequent and there will be a new ability, different from the previous phases.

Orb of Corruption – a large sphere that tends to fall to the ground. Your task is to intercept it and throw it into the air. If the sphere has fallen, then all raid will take damage until someone throws it up. Only one player must catch the sphere since the debuff (Corruptor’s Pact) increased damage, healing, and HP by 100%. At the end of the debuff, the player is controlled by Will of the Corruptor and begins to cast Psionic Blast that should be brought down.

In Mythic difficulty, Will of the Corruptor lasts until the controlled player is slain and causes him to release a Void Wail, which works exactly like Psionic Blast, but affects the entire raid.

This is all that is in the third phase. Use BL here, for the quick kill off the Zek’voz, especially when there are people with an addition to the damage from Corruptor’s Pact. The longer you fight, the more people die.


We move on to the fourth boss, which has two phases. The boss resembles a Training Dummy and does not present a great deal of complexity.






































for all phases abilities:

During this phase, the tanks replace each other, players get AoE, which is easy to heal, etc.

First thing is Omega Vector. This is debuff inflicting low damage in 10 seconds and jumps to the closest player applies a stack of Lingering Infection to the previous player. After 6 stacks players will receive Bursting Lesions that inflicts damage and impose a stack of Lingering Infection to nearby players. After 12 stacks will spawn Engorged Parasite that inflicting damage to random players. After 25 stacks players will be infected by Terminal Eruption inflicts damage and a very huge damage to the initially affected player.

I advise you to kill the boss most quickly in order to avoid innocent victims! 🙂

Active Stage

Next ability we will encounter is the Gestate, which damages the random player and all who stand next to him, then stuns the target and spawned Plague Amalgam nearby. This mob using Immunosuppression it’s a toxin that absorbs healing of all players within a radius of 500 yards. Should slay it for facilitating the work of healers.  

Evolving Affliction is a very weak DoT and does not constitute a big threat.

Contagion – same, but inflicting damage to the entire raid.

Transition Stage

At 45% HP starts the second phase. Here Vectis create the bloody puddles (Liquefy), stepping into which, you will get Lingering Infection that increases incoming Nature damage by 5%. But more importantly, you need to watch for the Blood Geyser that is flying out the boss. If you’re hit by one of these you will take a large damage and again to gain Lingering Infection. This is not easy to dodge.

The main issue is the Plague Bomb. These circles will explode after eight seconds each sealing a burst of damage to the entire raid. If you have two of these go off it will almost certainly be a wipe. Don’t worry if no one stood within them, they will not explode, but will spawn a Plague Amalgam.

ZUL, REBORN Overview

The fight with this boss will consist of two phases. Up to 40% and after 40%. It appears to be the first fight where a particular class is an almost required.
Nasty adds

Throughout the first phase, Zul will summon his minions. There are three types of them:

  1. Nazmani Crusher – Tanks must necessarily take these add aside when it reached a hundred percent energy. Otherwise, it buffs all its allies (Thrumming Pulse) and your raid can be the wipe.
  2. Nazmani Bloodhexer – These also need to be tanked away from Zul because of their Congeal Blood when cast a single occur add will spawn directly underneath the Bloodhexer and will start traveling towards all (Animated Ichor). If they reach him they’ll just heal him (Dripping Blood) for a large amount.

Next ability is a Bloodshard. That casting spell increase damage to the lowest health raid member. So it’s vital that interrupts are solid on these mobs just to prevent any random deaths.

If two Bloodhexers are within 20 yards of each other they will heal all enemies for 10% of their maximum health every two seconds (Sanguine Presence). Resulting in most cases of the wipe if it heals the boss at any point. Having two of them is problematic. At this moments use CC (Crowd Control). It can be polymorphs or hunter’s traps all those sorts of things. So you’ll want to CC one of them whilst you’re killing the other.    

  1. Bloodthirsty Crawg – Do not ignore these mobs because one the heals themselves for 200% of their damage they deal (Hungering Maw). But more importantly, they do gain energy over a long period of time and at a hundred percent they will explode and deal massive pulsing damage to the raid over ten seconds (Engorged Burst).

The first ability is Shadow Barrage. This deals damage to a random player and it’s unavoidable.

More impactful is the packs of darkness, like Pool of Darkness. These pools do extremely large taking damage to the entire raid (Erupting Darkness). If a player stands within in the raid damage will be prevented and instead, the single player will take small burst damage every two seconds (Absorbed in Darkness).

Next is Dark Revelation. This 10-second debuff causes sizeable extensive damage when it expires. As soon as players receive the debuff they should move as far away from the raid as possible and drop it off.

You’ll have Minion of Zul spawn from the debuffed player. This adds fixate at a random player increases damage done by 50% (Bound by Shadow) and all player within five yards of their target to be feared for 12 seconds (Pit of Despair). So it can be dispelled by Shamans. You have to deal with two dark revelation debuffs at the exact same time so we simply counter that just by having two Priests.


At this point, you’re no longer have any add’s spawn but you could still have some adds from the previous phase. It’s probably best if you finish those guys off nice and quickly. Also as you transition the boss will knock you back so don’t be too close towards to the edge.

Now you’ll still have the Pool of Darkness to soak but all other mechanics new.

First that we will talk about is Deathwish. This debuff applied to two players just like Dark Revelation. The moment the debuff is applied to you. You will lose complete control of your character and you’ll begin to walk towards the nearest edge of the platform and once you reach the edge you will jump off and you will just die. Now this new debuff, fortunately, is dispellable. When it is dispelled it will do raid wide damage and spawn Minion of Zul. So it’s important that you only dispel these players once they are near the edge.

In this phase, the boss steals more melee damage but more importantly it has Rupturing Blood. This frontal cone applies a stacking DoT that lasts 20 seconds. It spawns giant Ruptured Blood pools that stacking DoT (Corrupted Blood) to anyone within them.


This encounter rotates between two phases every 25% health until the boss is finally killed.

The main theme of the encounter is to dodge as many abilities as possible primarily because of the annihilation stacks each time you will gain a different amount of stacks depending on what ability hit you. Each stack reduces your maximum health pool by 1%  (Annihilation). The majority of spells you can avoid.

These stacks can be removed one by one using the Existence Fragment every time you gain Annihilation stacks these fragments were spawned around you.

First Phase

Essence Shear is a 30 yards cone that deals a large amount of damage apply 16 Annihilation stacks and applies a debuff that prevents you from spawning any fragments for 15 seconds. The tanks need to go and remove their Annihilation stacks after every hit by running around the room and collecting fragments at the raid has spawned. You could technically solo tank this fight. It could require you to run all over the room to collect orbs which will force the boss to move about all over the place which isn’t particularly good for DPS.

Oblivion Sphere there is orbs spawn and random players and for us, they even spawned on the tanks these orbs charm all players within five yards of them instantly as they spawned. Whilst charmed you take a small amount of taking damage but also gained one stack of Annihilation. Killing the orb will remove the charm effects from players.

Imminent Ruin this debuff is applied to two players and it deals ticking damage over 12 seconds whilst also progressively slowing that target.

Obliteration Blast is inflicting damage and applying Annihilation to players caught in the blast.

Second Phase

After you’ve got the boss to 75% health you’ll move into the middle of the room and begin to take 99% less damage (Oblivion Veil) also anyone that moves too close to the boss will be knocked back.

The moment the phase begins the boss will cast souls Xalzaix’s Awakening. This spawns oblivion spheres and also deals damage the entire raid also giving stacks of Annihilation.

From this point onwards he’ll cast to different abilities throughout the phase  Visions of Madness. Will spawn adds on top of 5 random players. These adds simply just spam cast  Mind Flay. This stills a massive amount of damage and slows their target.

The next ability is Obliteration Beam. This is a deadly ability and like all other beams, we’ve seen in the past. That no doubt is the one-shot for you.

The last thing is this phase is the N’raqi Destroyer. This guys hit the tanks extremely hard and also have an Essence Shear. Also, they have a Void Volley that just deals damage to the entire raid. Critical Mass takes 80% less damage to the tanks too close to each other.

At 50% health, you transition back into the first phase.

You’ve probably gonna have quite a big mess to deal with. From this point onwards the raid damage will begin to feel spikier on players as people start to gain more Annihilation stacks. Especially if you save the majority of the Existence Fragment for the tanks.


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  • October 17, 2018 at 3:50 pm

    I’m less than stellar about the Horde-Alliance war.

    But G’huun is such a cool encounter, and Old Gods in general have always felt the most fascinating of WoW’s villains to me. G’huun ‘s abilities all sound very Lovecraftian, such as it’s “Dark Young,” it’s undulations, it’s amorphous cysts, it’s worm -like “spawn of G’huun.” Overall, it sounds incredibly visceral and disgusting, which I suppose is fitting for an Old God with a sphere of Blood Magic.
    Anyway, thanks for this useful list!

    I love it.


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