Uldir Ghuun guide: how to kill fat boss in BFA

If you are reading this then you are in Battle for Azeroth for serious and you wish to know the secret how to kill a boss, a final boss in Uldir dungeon. He is known as the most powerful and dangerous creature who lives in the dungeon since the times of Titans who prisoned him.

This prison, however, includes 7 other WoW final bosses who do their best to prevent you from reaching the last one which will mean your absolute and irrefutable win!

Ghuun review

Final fight – step one

The moment you reach the chamber with G’huun you had a chance to WoW defeat all BfA dungeon bosses, check your abilities and talents and get confidence in your power. This final fight consists of 3 stages which are divided into three steps. At the first stage, you have a mission – to gather 3 Power Matrix and bring them into the Reorigination Blast at the end of the platform. This stage looks like a big platform with upper and lower levels, each with its features. Power Matrix has an ability to slow you down once you raise it but it does not stop you from moving and reaching the goal. If you do not catch Matrix when it appears on the left side of the platform and moves straight to the right side, you will have to wait for another appearance of it being under the effect of spell Imperfect Physiology that lasts for 5 minutes. While gathering and bringing Matrix to Reoriginated Blast you can throw it to another player in your team to make the mission faster and more successful.

On the way to the main source with Matrix you will be under Undulating Mass influence that deals damage on any player within their radius of impact. There is a way to fight against slowness with help cyst damage. For heroes of a class monk, hunter, warrior or demon this cyst damage is not such a big deal due to their abilities.

Final fight – step two

When all 3 Matrix are in the Reoriginated Drive the second stage starts. You get much closer to the boss – WoW Ghuun but still not attack from his side and not chance to do the same for you because he uses Blood Shield spell that heals him all the time. The boss is staying at the platform just watching the events around. He throws the main debuffs on the random player Explosive Corruption that explodes after 4 seconds and inflicts all the players within 5 yards with 40 Plague damage. The Explosive Corruption creates a patch – Blighted Ground. In addition this spell creates Virulent Corruption so when you touch it you will get 26 Plague damage plus infection with Explosive Corruption. It’s pretty dangerous thing, so keep on watching and stay away from it.

At this stage of WoW Battle for Azeroth G’huun uses help of adds. Tendrils cast Blood Feast on you and paralyze you for 6 seconds and after that the players within 8,5 yards are under the influence of Putrid Blood that deals 2 Plague damage and this effect stacks. Gibbering Horror is another force that sinks into Blighted Ground and restores itself after 40 seconds. Blighted Ground is simply a zone of corruption where every 1,5 sec you are under the threat of 20 Plague damage and spell of slowness up to 70% of your speed.

A wave of corruption is another spell that Boss cast all the time while standing at the platform. This spell gives moderate damage to all within 5 yards.

ghuun fat boss fight

Final Fight with the Ghuun

If you already catch yourself at a thought that it’s too much then take a look at BFA Ghuun boost that is made especially for those players who wish to make the mission easier. Here at 3d stage of the fight you will see the following: the falling ceiling that creates Collapse with the ability to deal damage. Once Malignant Growth appears you are under the risk to get death damage if you stand within 8 yards from it. One of the most powerful casts that WoW BFA G’huun uses is his Gaze of G’huun that puts you under the influence of deepest fear for 6 seconds. That is the dark magic you can do nothing with. However, boss has only 25% energy at this stage. Also he does not stop to cast Corrupting Bite and again Explosive Corruption.

Ghuun win

2 thoughts on “Uldir Ghuun guide: how to kill fat boss in BFA

  • October 11, 2018 at 11:07 am

    Hey, guys, pleased about Uldir guides – thanks a lot for the work with BfA! Sure for a Ghuun boss, it’s very helpful to actually see the mechanics.
    So please continue with written guides and comments:)

  • October 18, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    Hard boss as of now in BfA new raid…
    We killed him on normal last night….
    We saved our damage cool downs till stun phase when boss takes 100% extra damage and bursted hard on it then.
    It was 20% then we survived collapse used defs and killed him with 5 people alive…

    In the end it’s husk was ours!!!


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