Survival Hunter guide – Battle for Azeroth patch 8.1

It does not matter at all what race you play for in WoW you can always choose Hunter as your class. WoW BfA Survival Hunter is available even when you are Gnome as his talents and weapons correspond to Gnome’s. Wish to find out about changes made by Blizzard for Survival Hunter 8.1 then you are in the right place. We will tell you about important Azerite traits, armor, pets and the main – numerous talents.

This Survival Hunter guide also contains information about ways to optimize all the talents and build a stat priority in order to upgrade the hero and gain the best results in the game. Main BfA Survival Hunter changes are about Cooldowns and Global Cooldown (GCD). Many abilities which were not under the effect of cooldowns before now more or less affected by it. In particular, Coordinated Assault, which is the main cooldown for Hunter in BfA.

Hunters talents

It’s time to talk about the main that every hero has and wants to master as fast as possible – Survival Hunter talents. Like any other class this one can boast with lots of talents and abilities but sure, you know that the main is not to own them all but to know how to use, when and in which order exactly.


We recommend pay attention essential talents achieved on every new level. You need them all, no doubt, but there are talents you will use in most cases. That’s why you must know Survival Hunter rotation which we suggest learning according to the levels and tiers.

  • Tier 1 at Level 15 – Viper’s Venom works together with Serpent Sting plus Alpha Predator.
  • Tier 2 Level 30 – Guerilla Tactics + Hydra’s Bite.
  • Tier 3 Level 45 – Natural Mending.
  • Tier 4 Level 60 – Bloodseeker.
  • Tier 5 Level 75 – Posthaste.
  • Tier 6 Level 90 – Mongoose Bite + Tip of the Spear.
  • Tier 7 Level 100 – Wildfire Infusion + Birds of Prey.

Wildfire Infusion deserves special attention and explanation. They are 3 types of bombs  which explode in different way and each with unique ability.Shrapnel Bomb is a blue one: gives Fire Damage more than 6 sec, increases bleeding from Carve, Raptor Strike and Butchery till 9 sec. Pheromone Bomb is of red color: the same effect from Fire Damage plus reset the cooldown against the enemy made with Kill Command in 100%. Volatile Bomb is green: adds 50% to the damage made by Serpent Sting to the target. Besides, it restores all Serpent Stings in general.

Survival Hunter stat priority

Survival Hunter stat priority is another way to be successful in the combats and optimise all your efforts, talents and abilities. Hunter can fight against single or multiple targets. In each case the stat priority will be the same. Even more, it’s the same for Mythic+ mode as well. Certainly, you know already those iconic stat. So, let’s just out them all in an order.

  • Agility activates the main weapon – Power Attack and that’s why the primary stat for Hunter.
  • Haste works for better speed and Focus.
  • Critical Strike helps to make the best hit of available spells and talents.
  • Versatility reduces the damage taken and increases the damage given by Hunter.
  • Mastery which is Spirit Bond gives healing and increases damage that the Hunter and his pet gives.

Azerite traits power and Armor

The most impressive and necessary impact on the gameplay of Survival Hunter BfA is given by Azerite traits found in the Outer rings. As you remember, there are 3 rings in the Heart of Azeroth, each with traits of different value. Choose Survival Hunter Azerite Traits in a smart way: when there is a choice between two traits give preference to the one with 15+ to the item. This is the ultimate rule for the whole game with several exceptions.

The order of Azerite Traits for Hunter is the following:

  • Debuff The Originated array.
  • Outer Ring: Blur of Talons, Latent Poison, Wilderness Survival, Laser Matrix.
  • Middle Ring: Overwhelming Power, Heed my Call, Azerite Globulos.
  • Inner Ring: Duck and Cover, Shellshock, Longstrider, Resounding Protection.

How to choose the Armor for Survival Hunter? Keep an eye on the trait as it’s the best way to find the necessary Armor.

Survival Hunter DPS Mythic+

Just like we said before the rotation of talents does not differ much. However, there are three modes for WoW Survival Hunter according to each you should make rotation of abilities and talents.

  • For Standard AoE list of talents: Viper’s Venom, Natural mending, Wildfire Infusion, Hydra’s Bite, Blood Seeker, Born to be Wild, Tip of the Spear.
  • For Low Haste AoE: Franking Strike,  Viper’s Venom, Natural mending, Wildfire Infusion, Hydra’s Bite, Blood Seeker, Born to be Wild.
  • For Alternative Haste: Alpha Predator, Natural Mending, Guerilla Tactic, Born to be Wild, Tip of the Spear, BloodSeeker,  Wildfire Infusion.
Tier 1 – St Single Trait
Tier 2 – St Single Trait
Tier 1 – AoE Single Trait

Use all the Utilities available for Survival Hunter in addition to smart talents rotation.

  • Misdirection
  • Intimidation
  • Freezing Trap
  • Sonic Blast
  • Muzzle
  • Feign Death
  • Flare

The order of the Utilities is not like in the list as there is no only one correct path to win.

Hunter pets little guide

Pets play important role in battles for BfA Survival Hunter as they have a couple of functions: to give bonuses, to help to move from one place to another one, to increase damage. In the battles both, hunter and his pet , can be healed at the same time which is a huge plus for the hero.

There are 3 kinds of pets available for Survival Hunter, each has 6 families. No need to list them all as this information is not helpful. To understand anything about the pet you must learn about its abilities. So, here is a general guide for those who play as Survival Hunter and know how to use pet at best.

  • Use Ferocity Pets when you are working about leveling up the personage. Scalehides give Leech Bonuses, have an ability to increase damage burst and Hinter’s self-sustain.
  • Tenacity Pets go perfectly in Mythic+ mode and Raiding mission. They have unique ability to give pool of health. This pool increases constantly. Besides, Tenacity Pet can reduce damage that the Hunter receives plus the pet.
  • Cunning Pets are made exactly to help the Hunter in moving on higher speed.

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