Shadow Priest Guide in BfA New Patch

Blizzard has announced so many changes in the new Battle for Azeroth new expansion that, no doubt, so many of us were waiting for a new table of talents and abilities for the most impressive classes WoW Shadow Priest. The new patch has brought some changes, adding new Shadow Priest talents, improving the existing ones and removing the old ones.

Shadow Priest in the Battle of Azeroth overview

The experienced players who already have a chance to try new patch have confirmed that this class has got extremely interesting changes and despite single-target damage is not its advantage WoW BfA Shadow Priest has got the ability for multi-target on a high level plus strong effect of its AoE.

Shadow Priest in the Battle of Azeroth overview

Smart Shadow Priest rotation BfA is your key to success; usage of all the talents that this class has. While taking part in the battle observe the mechanics and use insanity generation that has been improved up to optimized form together with VoidForm.        

In Battle for Azeroth where the main goal is to gather as many Azerite as possible item level is essential. The BfA Shadow Priest leveling means we choose the gear attentively giving preferences to the intellect. Such talents like Haste and Critical Strike are on the second place though still important. The higher level you get the better gears you find which improve your hero’s talents.

Upcoming Shadow Priest changes in patch 8.1

Let’s learn all the changes right here below in this new Shadow Priest guide: only necessary information not to waste time and better go to try all the new talents and improvements checking if they are working really at best.

The table of WoW Shadow Priest talents has no changed much considering new positions or removals.

Upcoming Shadow Priest changes in patch 8.1

💥 Voidform. If you remember in Legion we pushed to reach it as soon as possible and keep it at longest. In BfA situation has changed. The max power of this talent is reduced which allows avoiding a tough penalty when you drop out of the spell earlier. So, now Voidform gives not 10% but 20% damage. Insanity generation we’ve mentioned has enhanced to 25%, instead Insanity drain decreased to 15% per sec.

💥 Dispersion in BfA Shadow Priest changes is now increased by 75% instead 60, plus the speed of moving has reached 50%.

Shadow Word spells and talents

Green means it the default talent.

Blue means the choice has merit, but for a specific case.

Red means do not get this talent.

Shadow Word: Void with its 2 charges works instead of Mind Blast.

Shadow Word: Pain lasts for 16 sec, not 18 anymore.

Vampiric Embrace that gives you Shadow Energy for 15 sec does not boost damage Vampiric Touch and its cooldown is diminished by San’layn.

Vampiric Touch lasts for 21 seconds now, was 24 sec.

Surrender to Madness has not lost its ability to boost Insanity generation but definitely does not kill after this effect is finished instead it prevents you from dealing insanity generation for the next 30 sex. In 1 minute you get 90% of your max health with its help.

Mastery: Madness empowers all basic damage sources.

Mind Bomb works for disorienting the enemy only.

⚡ Hallucinations is a passive talent now in PvP mode that turns on 6 Insanity generated by Power Word: Shield, Mass Dispel, Dispel Magic, Vampiric Embrace and Purify Desease.

Shadow Word spells

New Talents

  • Mania. This new ability also reduces the cooldown of dispersion for 25% and gives 50% of max health.
  • Dark Void gives damage to the enemy all his team within 10 yards. Together with this, it launches Shadow Word: Pain.
  • Last Word. The cooldown of Silence spell is reduced for 15 sec by Last Word.
  • Dark Ascension allows Shadow Priest BfA entering Voidform any time during the battle, at the same time it deals damage to the enemies who stand within 10 yards close to you.
  • Psychic Horror overwhelms the enemy for 4 sec.

New talent adjustments

Here are some other adjustments for how to Priest Shadow guide.

✅ Lingering Insanity disappears every 3 sec, not every 2.

✅ Both, Physic scream (level 18) and Mind Bomb (level 60) demands 40% more time for pausing between damage.

✅ Surrender to Madness: 50% less for penalty duration now and 33% less for cooldown.

✅ Void Torrent: damage increases for 20%, 30 insanity generation. Works without Voidform casting.

Wish to know the best Shadow Priest legendaries now? It depends on the scenarios but be sure to check Aman’Thul’s Vision, Heart of the Void, Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish and Sephuz’s Secret.

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