New BfA Raid: Crucible of Storms overview

Be the first one who will get right inside the new mini raid called Crucible of Storms which is going to be the second raid available in the new WoW Patch 8.1.0. It’s coming after Siege of Zuldazar and this time we will go to the Alliance continent because this is the place where old Gods were prisoned. In this new raid, you will have a chance to see the real jail and feel that fear deeply. Also, check the crucible of storms wow loot table.

8.1.0 patch fresh news

The way that new Crucible of Storms raid looks is not a final look at all. We see it a little earlier to have an idea of what it’s there hiding behind the bones in the raid. However, Blizzard says the finish look of the raid is not ready yet. So, let’s go there to look around!

Crucible of Storms WoW will greet you with 2 bosses where the main is Uu’nat. This main raid boss waits deep down under the ground, in the place that reminds the ancient ashes of bones! Intrigued? We are, absolutely!

8.1 new patch

Second raid – Crucible of Storms overview

Crucible of Storms is located under the Stormsong Valley on the alliance territory. You will have a chance to get there very soon after the first raid is available – Siege of Zuldazar. As you remember this raid is pretty complicated regarding different bosses and terms of getting in it. And that’s why it’s so incredibly interesting for us! Here, in Crucible of Storms, no 9 and even no 6 bosses to defeat, no long scripts for players. 2 bosses – the Restless Cabal Boss and Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void serve to Old Gods knew in Battle for Azeroth thanked the history of Kul Tiran continent and the power of Titans.

What we know already is not a lot actually: no information about the appearance of both bosses but an idea of the raid look itself, even if it’s a bit early and raw. But we have full information about the abilities of both bosses now.

Crucible of Storms overview

The Restless Cabal

Welcome to the lordship of the Restless Cabal, the first boss. The Restless Cabal WoW is a servant of one of 4 Old Gods – N’Zoth, whose main desire is to pervert all noble and good things that have ever existed. You will be surprised to meet not one boss but a couple of them as they create a team where the members are Zaxasj the Speaker and Fa’thuul the Feared. While the first one reaches the targets with range, another one with melee range. Their powerful force is Relic of Magic that “turns on” as soon as one of those guys lose 25% energy.

Relic of Power consists of three components. This is the first stage of the battles with the boss:

  • Void Stone that reduces healing and increases the damage up to 10%.
  • Trident of Deep-ocean creates bubbles and redirects the 75% right into bubbles and again increases the damage to 10%.
  • Tempest Caller starts with inflicting the players with 6 Nature damage, continues by giving 25% damage to a target and increases the damage to 300%.

The second stage is called Pact of the Restless. The main difficulty is about 1 health of both members restores 20% of their health. So, while they both reach 1 health the battle is not won.

Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void

Uu’nat Harbringer of the Void is the final boss here. To find him you will need to fall (or maybe there is another way yet?) right on the bottom of the raid. Be ready to see the naked bones and sticking fangs and the big eye in front of you. It would be cool to know what it’s there behind the eye now but it’s impossible. At least this moment. Anyway, it’s nice to have a chance to take a look at this raid and realize it’s fantastic!

What to do with Uu’nat boss? As usual, the final boss is the most powerful. He also uses Relics of Power with the same components but with slight differences. For example, Void stone can be demolished by a player while fighting with the first boss the player had to destroy the shell to utilize stone.

Stage one is called His All-Seeing Eyes. Here boss uses his main weapon – Gift of N’Zoth: Obscurity and Oblivion tear plus Demise: all eyes of N’Zoth helps the boss. At stage two – His Dutiful Servants – Uu’nat uses all the same and adds Void Eruption and Unknowable Terror that comes from the void and gives Shadow Damage to the player. Stage three is called  His Unwavering Gaze and has the same scenario as the second one.

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