Kul Tiras guide: all about the new Alliance Kingdom in BFA

The Battle for Azeroth is a completely new page in our favorite game World of Warcraft. The new page opens new locations, dungeons, and raids, new races, their abilities, and history. The previous expansion could not hold all the new races at the same land which has led to the creation of the completely new kingdom – Kul Tiras.

There is a Kul Tiras flag and Kul Tiras map where we can get acquainted with its population and read the history of their relationships. Before BFA is launched to everybody we suggest you a privilege to get much more knowledge about its main things.

Major regions of Kul Tiras kingdom

Alliance kingdom: Kul Tiras

There are three major regions on Kul Tiras continent, or better to say kingdom which is an alliance empire. Each of them is characterized by rich history, full of ups and downs, wars and cheating. We are very intrigued to look deeper at these regions and their habitants, what gives them power and what makes them special among all.

Tiragarde Sound

Kul tiras zone: tiragarde sound guide

Tiragarde is strategically important for the Alliance as their capital Boralus is over there. Kul tiras humans have lost their power here due to terrible attacks of pirates and bandits. They are led by the head of House Ashvane and of course Ashvane Trading Company – Priscilla Ashvane. She is playing a dangerous game and seeing the goal clearly. To lay hands on Tiragarde and with authority she tries to persuade lady Kathrine to stand for her and betray Alliance. Here Kul Tiras race faces danger of weapons that pirates use and against which it’s pretty difficult to guard their territory. Tiragarde Sound must be liberated from all illegal persons.


Where is Kul Tiras’ core of magic? Drustvar is full magic but it’s dark and, as usually, dark magic does, it covers everything with fear, humiliation, lies, and betrayal. This kind of magic lives on the land of Drustvar for many years, hiding in the forests, and keeping its strength.

Kul tiras zone: Drustvar review

When Kul Tiras allied race won over the king of drust – Gorak Tul, they hoped to establish their power and live in peace. The problem that occurs was…a simple mistake. Lucille Waycrest was blamed to use dark magic and her fiancée was killed the day of the wedding. As a result, she decided to improve the ancient order of Kul Tiran humans – the Order of Embers and starts her own war against witchcraft.

Stormsong Valley

Stormsong Valley’ habitants are humans of the sea. They believe in magic of the water and this magic was used for good. There is a group of Shamans called Tidesages whose main role is to bless the fleet and every ship there. These Shamans, or sea priests, protects the WOW Kul Tiras humans navy and make it undefeatable. Somehow, the power of  Tidesages is paralyzed which means the Alliance is in danger and can’t use anymore its power in the sea.

Kul Tiras zones: Stormsong Valley review

Races of Kul Tiras

On the continent of Kul Tiras BFA you will find only one race that is native there – they are Kul Tiran humans who live on the territory of all three zones.

kul tiran Human wow

This Kul Tiras race has its own abilities and classes. They are known as Druids, both men and women, in different forms. They can be bears and cats but also have an ability to fly, feel comfortable under the water and travel. Humans of Kul Tiras Warcraft belong to classes like Tank, Melee, Healer, and Ranged Leather DPS.

Kul tiran humans: allied race BFA

Alliance and Kul Tiras

Kul Tiras continent is a part of Alliance world. The Alliance needs a powerful fleet that is protected by the magic of Shamans who use the sea power. The capital of Alliance – Boralus – is on the land of Kul Tiras WOW. It’s impossible to leave the continent and make them fight alone against the dark magic and abnormal number of pirates with weapons that Kul Tiran humans do not have. Alliance needs Kul Tiran humans loyalty. Kul Tiran humans need the help of Alliance to defeat their own territories.

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