Jaina Proudmoore – Battle of Dazar’alor Raid Guide

Looking at the background we all know how powerful is Jaina Proudmoore. In Battle for Dazar’alor we will see her as the final boss, one of those 9 bosses we must defeat and win. Despite the role of Lady Jaina Proudmoore raid for Alliance, the scenario is like that both factions will take part in this crazy combat, Horde and Alliance. Remember those transformations? 

Jaina Proudmoore overview

Well, the final act for Alliance and middle act for Horde will demand from them to transform into each other’s soldiers. That’s why now Jaina Proudmoore Battle for Azeroth becomes a boss to defeat directly and indirectly for both armies. Now you will discover the abilities of boss and strategy to win on all difficulty modes.

One of the rewards you will gain after winning all battles will be unique mount – hai which belongs to Mythic ones.


Fight for Jaina Proudmoore

The battle against Jaina Proudmoore BFA consists of 3 phases. On each, there is a new set of abilities that are added to the existing ones.

Phase 1

Wish to know where is Jaina Proudmoore? Move straight to the docks where Kul Tiran Corsairs starts their strike. You will see her on the ship. This is where combat begins.

Phase 2

The power of frost that WoW Jaina Proudmoore increases. All fights will be held on the frozen fields. Now the whole raid tries to find the heat spots in order to protect itself from hai that has a terrible ability to stack.

Phase 3

  • Every step leads to Jaina using her hai that copies her most powerful with frost damage spells.
  • Everything is tending to be frozen constantly, so the main goal is to break the ice and avoid hai together with hai.

Jaina Proudmoore Abilities and Strategy

Get an idea of how Jaina Proudmoore Battle for Azeroth model will work against you by learning her main abilities. They will be activated step by step depending on the phase. Learn more about Battle of Dazar’alor raid.

So, no worries, you will not be attacked by the whole bunch of frosty power that Jaina Proudmoore boss has:

The strategy to deal with Jaina Proudmoore 8.1 raid includes roles for all players regardless of their classes.

  • Keep an eye on hai stack trying to make its mount minimal;
  • As freezing is the main weapon of lady Jaina Proudmoore always work on defreezing the players;
  • In phase one, the main danger comes from hai. It means you better stay closer to the heat spots;
  • During Intermission after phase 1 be attentive in order not to be kicked off the board;
  • At phase 2 concentrate at Ordnance Barrels. Then all the players will have a chance to get rid of the stacks;
  • hai creates a frosty light that gives constant damage for 0,5 sec. hai gives lethal damage to the players. As a result, they are 2 abilities to stay away from. They are active only in phase 3.

Main Strategy: Tanks, Healers, DPS

You know the most powerful abilities that this Jaina Proudmoore new model uses to inflict as much damage on the raid as possible. To win in the combat each member of the team must work at the best level of his own abilities. These strategies made for Tanks, DPS and Healers will help to understand how to deal with the list of abilities above.


  • Phase 1: when Jaina Proudmoore Dreadlord stays not far from ballista you should defeat her;
  • Phase 2: now Jaina has help – Unexploded Ordnances. You must attack and kill them when she is out of the center and close to them;
  • Phase 3: now boss must stay away from the raid, try to keep her close to the edges of the ship. She uses Chilling Dusk with huge ability to gives damage to all.


  • Always keep an eye on the players as Grasp of Frost makes them rooted. The same is for Hand of Frost;
  • To defreeze the players use Shield and hai;
  • Guarantee yourself a vision of hai within the raid frame;
  • Players get arcane damage from hai.


  • Work with single-target DPS. At phase 1 attack Kul Tiran Corsairs;
  • Keep cooldowns up for 2nd intermission. Destroy Ice Wall;
  • At phase 3 your job is to kill Prismatic image as it copies three Jaina’s abilities: Shattering Lance, Glacial Ray, Icefall;
  • Help to save frozen players by breaking the ice blocks around them during the whole battle.

Mythic Difficulty

Not all difficulties are available already to play but we know what to expect from Jaina Proudmoore Battle for Dazar’alor. Learn everything about Gathering Blizzard. You have faced many of Jaina’s abilities till now but this one is even more dangerous.

If you are under its effect be sure you are damaged by Freezing blood spell for 6 sec. Moreover, Gathering Blizzard increases starting with the beginning of the battle: if it could inflict 3 players then, till the end of combat it will reach all players.

Heroic Difficulty

To win in the battle against Lady Jaina Proudmoore in Battle of Dazar’alor at this difficulty bear in mind this.

  • Phase 1: concentrate at Srt Charge barrels as you have to get rid of them. Kul Tiran Corsairs will then attack you with Bombard spells trying to kick you off the ship;
  • Phase 2: Jaina Proudmoore raid boss creates Water Ball Valley that touches and thus gives damage to every single player;
  • Phase 3: make sure the amount of Orb of Frost is not too big in order to reduce it and protect the whole raid from gaining too much of Chilling stacks.

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