Jadefire Masters Leveling Guide in Dazar’alor Raid

Meet the boss Jadefire Masters in Battle for Dazar’alor raid. This is a 2-encounters fight with only one phase. Get ready to deal with the abilities of Monk and Mage, as they two, faces of one boss.

Jadefire Masters overview

The mechanics of the boss is the same for both factions. However, players of Horde and Alliance will meet the boss in a different order. Plus the names are also not the same. Read more about all Dazar’alor raid Bosses.

The Alliance will fight with WoW Jadefire Masters who are hai and hai, the Monk and Mage. For Horde boss has these names: hai and Manceroy Flemfist, Monk and Mage. Despite bosses is claimed as the one they have separate health pool and abilities. Read about them below in our Jadefire Master’s guide.

Loot and Quick Tips

As expected Jadefire Masters are played at three difficulties according to which you get the loot. The items of the loot are the same but of different item level.




In order to help you with the boss, we’ve prepared a couple of tips related to the actions Jadefire Masters make.

Tips to use against Monk

  • his healthy bar must be lower than Mage;
  • melee fighting helps to prevent Whirling hai effect;
  • while hai meets Monk Images one by one according to the order they appear.

Tips against Mage

  • to hold hai at 4 level stack taunt the boss off;
  • make DPS through the shield of the Mage in order to prevent hai to be dealt.

Get some tips to get ready for the fight with Battle of Dazar’alor Jadefire Masters according to the health level of the boss.

30 level Boss strikes with hai which make a cloud. Standing within this cloud you keep the ability to see other players. Defeat each of bombs one by one neglecting their effect. Your healers have to use cooldowns after Explosions.
60 level Boss will bring the players to another part of the room while on the rest there will be a huge maze. You need to go through the maze and get to the Ice Wall. Keep hitting the wall in the same place to break it faster.
100 level Monk and Mage transform into Serpent and hai with new abilities. Frontal attack – hai – for the Serpent and constant passive damage for the hai.


Jadefire Masters Abilities

The list of abilities for Jadefire Masters BfA is not that huge. However, each consists of several phases you should keep an eye at and know how to counter with each.

  • hai activates when the health pool of Mage is lower than of Monk;
  • hai with Nature Damage;
  • hai fixes the player on the same place, then trigger Tiger Paw and Pounce, dealing Natura Damage both;
  • hai – magic debuff with Fire damage;
  • hai – enhances the damage given by Magma up to 100%;
  • hai is not an ability but a resource they gain power from once they reach a certain limit.

Other abilities corresponding to the energy bar each.

hai (Monk Abilities)

A Monk has the ability to cast Multi-sided Strikes every 60 sec. The target is a tank. Boss lifts tank in the air and brings him to the green field. Monk creates images of different charges – orange, blue and green colors. These images do not take damage from tank in case he meets them with the face. Instead, they transform into new hai debuff that enhances their ability to deal damage during 30 sec. Above all, this debuff can be stacked. How to deal with them? Tank has to fight each of them in the order they appear. When all 3 images are thrown at the tank he will be automatically transformed to the boss with hai debuff.

Multi-sided strike

Team Attacks

There are several special Team Attacks that boss makes at each level type.

  • hai is dangerous with hai which explode at three locations.
  • A Flash of Hostility: Monk makes a maze which is hai that knocks back all the players.
  • The Serpent and the hai are famous with 2 new abilities: Dragon’s breath that deals Fire damage and Blazing Phoenix passive that is cast all the time.

Mage Abilities

At Normal Jadefire Masters Mage has 2 abilities to take into account.


He throws at the tank. Then hai debuff appears that brings ticking damage to the target. Together with it you will feel the effect of hai explosion that deals damage to the whole raid.


First, Mage uses his hai to protect himself. Second, right after Shield is activated Mage cast Poryblast. Target is random. Poryblast works for 8 sec and its power of damage is the almost lethal plus DoT hard debuff.

Jadefire Masters Strategy


  • Multi-sided Strike is your number one priority as it’s a complex ability;
  • Work with Tested debuff as it makes Mage tanking powerful.


  • Searing Embers can be dispelled though takes many efforts. In order not to waste energy of several healers in the raid count your step beforehand;
  • Spirits of Xuen fixate the players so they need help;
  • Magma Trap effect at the players’ demands using AoE heal.


  • Attack Monk all the time as his health pool must be lower than Mage;
  • The only way to interrupt the Fire Shield is to attack it during Poryblast;
  • Concentrate at Spirits of Xuen and destroy them as soon as they are activated.

Mythic Jadefire Masters

Mythic Jadefire Masters difficulty brings a couple of new abilities. A number of adds which are Spirits of Xuen is not one but two. The same is for Heroic difficulty. Meet two new mechanics of boss at the 60 levels.

A black ox called Niuzao will chase the players during the whole battle leaving images, copies, behind him with damage effect.

To break the Ice Wall at level 60 use 4 orbs as they are the only weapon to make a hole in it.

Jadefire Masters Heroic Difficulty

Get ready to deal with 2 Spirits of Xuen with all their damage effect plus Living Bombs.

Here Magma Trap is activated. It appears in those areas on the screen which are most crowded, so it deals the biggest amount of damage. Remember it may be lethal. Magma is the main obstacle you meet in the combat at this mode.

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