Blizzard continues to impress us with the diverse options of taking part if different adventures with fantastic rewards. The main what you should know about BFA island expeditions is that you can find a lot of Azerite here.

 Azerite is the core of the BFA expansion in general. If you have read our previous articles you already know what Heart of Azeroth is, where it’s located, what it is at all and what its role is in the game. You need this artifact badly and to empower it you also need Azeroth Armor together with Azerite traits. This is a long quest where each level brings you more and more of treasured talents and abilities.

Island expeditions guide

What is the most intriguing about Island Expedition is that you never know who you will meet there. It means that enemies change all the time: the player can face the worst beasts ever including Faceless creates, Dragons, Murlocks and others. Bear in mind, that you can play according two scenarios where one is against the native habitants of the islands, while others belong to a team of the opposite faction if it happens that they explore the island at the same time as you.


BFA beta island expeditions are explored a little already. We have some information you will be able to use in order to be successful and play smart. So, here is a guide to remember.

To start any expedition every player should make progress in the War Campaign and get 2 footholds at the land of another faction. The level of the character is not lower than 116. For Alliance and for Horde this War Campaign is different.

Island Expeditions BFA

For every player any expedition starts with the tutorial that he must go through alone, collect the Azerite and thus understand the rules of this quest. However, in the future, to take part in any expedition there must be 3 players. They come to the islands on the ship like real pirates who are looking for treasures. Mission on every island will take around 20-25 minutes to be fully complete. While playing the mission each player will get his own loot and Azerite. Everything you will gain will be waiting for you there o the ship to be delivered to your place.

The scenario for every expedition is different. It may happen that the player has already been to the expedition but it’s an illusion: the place on the map is the same but every detail is different: from the enemies and up to the rewards and every spot on the island.

Talking of rewards, except most wanted Azerite and chest loot you will find different buffs, some are good, others – not so much. But each time when the player needs help on the island he will get it in another closest chest with the treasures. The list of rewards includes special treasures and loot like pets, mounts and toys. One more interesting option is to exchange native money from the islands – they are called Seafarer’s Dubloons – for items of different kinds which are healing, damage, mitigation, cc removal and others.


Now it’s time to find out where those island expeditions BFA are located. The way to every single island expedition goes through Port of Zandalar at Horde continent and Boralus Harbor at the Land of Alliance Empire. Thanks to wonderful interface of the maps you will always see where to follow and therefore build your strategy.

Here the players can also choose the difficulty level – normal, heroic, mythic or PvP. What requirement you should satisfy to be involved into the expedition, read down below.


The requirements depend on the difficulty of the expedition you choose.

  • Normal – you need introduction tutorial to be complete and 1-3 players in a team. Rewards are 6000 Azerite.
  • Heroic – item level minimum 295, 1-3 players in a team, 100% of damage and health level for the enemies. Rewards: 9000 Azerite and 50% increased gain.
  • Mythic – item level not lower than 315 3 players in a team, 200% of health and damage for the enemies. Rewards: 12000 Azerite with 100% increased gain for the whole package of Azerite.
  • PvP – item level 295, active PvP talents, 3 players in a team, the health and damage for the enemies of 100%. Rewards: 12000 Azerite with 100% increased gain.

How to get the higher difficulty in the expedition? Look for toys and mounts on the island. They bring progress for a weekly quest for both empires: Alliance and Horde – the same number 4000 of Azerite for each.


You already know about the location of island expeditions in BFA. So, to queue any of the expeditions go straight to the harbors at every new continent – Kul Tiras and Zandalar. You will find 7 islands available for the expeditions, some of them – within a week. The list includes:

  • Molten Cay
  • Ungol Ruins
  • Dread Chain
  • Skittering Hollow
  • Whispering Reef
  • Verdant Wilds
  • Rotting Mire

What happens if you have already been to the expedition but it happens you are blown there again? No worries, you will not have to do the same mission and use the same strategy. Everything will be slightly different. The bigger island is the more creatures you will find there and the more spread they are. We will give you an example: Dread Chain is a frozen land. The creatures here are Bloodwake vrykul who are the tribe of ice trolls and Zian-Ti mogu. The frozen land means almost no barrier on the whole surface and all the enemies you will meet are located right in the center. Another island – Rotting Mire – is home for Razorfin jinyu who belong to one of the saurok clan and Spitefin naga, is pretty simple and free from one side and takes much effort in the fight with enemies while you are reaching the opposite side of this island.



  • October 17, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    By far the island expeditions have the most absurdly low loot drop rate out of anything in BfA. you have a better chance of getting the old raid mounts than you do getting ONE SINGLE THING other than azerite and doubloons. Quest drops bridge the gap, being kinda absurdly rare instead of completely.

  • October 23, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    I just did my first Island Expedition today. On Normal.
    I did not see any option to do it solo.

    So, how does one try solo? Please recommend …

    • October 24, 2018 at 2:14 pm

      There is no option to do this solo. Always in a group of three. Just make sure you don’t have a total bad in your group!

  • October 30, 2018 at 2:14 pm

    Oh, I don’t think it will be a bore as WoW has been a static grindfest for years and years. Doing the same dungeonds, raids and world quests over and over again. This is randomized, so Island Expwditions should add an element of exploration. And as dungeons or world quests .. you are not forced to do them. It’s a choice to become stronger and boost your character in BfA.

  • November 14, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    I may have missed it in the guide, but as the 3rd tier of the War Effort Advancement requires you to complete 5 different island expeditions. Is there a way to know which islands we’ve done, which ones we still need to do. How many different ones we’ve done I mean, as there isn’t a requirement to do specific islands, just 5 different ones. I’m assuming this is character specific, doesn’t make sense to be account wide.


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