The Hivemind mount BfA: how to get the secret mount

The Hivemind secret mount was a secret that is finally revealed. And we are here to give the full information and instructions how to reach the certain place and get the mount. Our Hivemind mount guide will tell you what it is – the new mount, what you need to do to get it, what reward it includes, its main ability and our personal bonus – special addon that is a true helper on this long path to the mount.

The Hivemind Mount Details

Challenges which is a real WoW Hivemind puzzle, this is the main word to characterize the crusade you will be involved into after taking a decision you need that mount. It becomes available right after new patch of WoW Battle for Azeroth is open not only for testing but for playing by all gamers. Some of them has already investigated the question of Hivemind mount and this is what we know. You will need to drop into different dungeons, corners and nooks on the whole surface of the map, solve several puzzles, interacts with some persons and the main – work effectively in a group.

the hivemind

Hivemind description

hai mount wow has significant feature. Being a flying mount it may be a vehicle not for one passenger only but for 4 at once. There is a nice buff that mount owns: the ability to give +10% to the speed of every passenger. It means the general speed will increase up to +40%.

Why the mount has such an interesting name? Well, just take a look at it: one part looks like a human brain plus for an effect to impress us, even more, the brain constantly is striked with the lightning. The lower part of the mount is made of tentacles which he uses to move. This is the key to understand the source of the additional speed.

How to get the secret mount

How to get the secret mount

Here is the moment of truth we all were waiting for – real steps how to get the Hivemind mount.
Get the hai. What can be more useful for searching for such a treasure like Hivemind mount? Find Griftah who is waiting in Shattrath and get it. It will serve you during the whole mission and not only for the first step.
Get acquainted with the monocles of different colors you will see on the tracking. They all show different directions and each demands a new puzzle to be solved.
hai look up in Vashj’ir which is an underwater area. It’s divided into 3 zones, each has own coordinates – Kelp’thar Forest, Shimmering Expanse, Abyssal Depth. They are not for free but you will need to pay a certain amount of gold.
hai These monocles become available once you complete the combat with boss in the Halls of Origination. Enter the room and transform all constellations you see into one color. You have the help of three Refractors – Angular, Round and Jagged Stellar
hai Look it up in hai which is located in Skyreach. Tracker will help to find hai and get basic information from him
hai the most intriguing and long part of the puzzle as here you will need to find and read 7 letters. Each includes information you need.

Strong recommendation to get the hivemind mount

  • Suramar beams are the next step of the puzzle. You must go through 4 beams of light of different colors. How to do that you will find out in those letters from the previous phase
  • Lost Cat toy is a small thing that is hidden somewhere in the room. The trick is that once you click on the toy it takes you to another place and at the same time makes you get damage
  • Jumping puzzle: after you are done with a kitten, click on the tracking and find yourself on the platform. You need to cross the platform. Do not lie to yourself: there are other platforms which fall and prevent you from doing the quest quickly and be successful
  • Arcane lava is there behind the door of the room right after you are done with platforms. This is the final step: cross the lava river and get into the room with the mount. Now you can acquire it and get the bonus.

Hivemind Addon

Hivemind Addon is an impressive thing that helps with each step during solving the puzzle. Go back to those steps we’ve described and you will understand what it means to have such help. For example, with those 7 letters: to save time the addon shows where to find those letters. It also will show if you have got all of them already and the quest is done. Another thing you need help with badly is the Lost cat toy – that tiny thing can be in any part of the room. 
Again, the addon helps to save time effectively as it shows the direction. It’s useful with jumping puzzle as long as with counting gold you need with those colored monocles by showing where to get money. There are some new options added to the addon which make the mission easier and brighter.

One thought on “The Hivemind mount BfA: how to get the secret mount

  • January 31, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    Notes about the lost cat toy.
    1. Requires 5 player group to collect
    Have each players have at least 1 of the monocles; preferably 2 or more. That way you can rotate. 2. 2. Meaning you do not need to collect all 4 monocles at this time (too early to say at this point if all 4 are needed.


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