WoW DPS ranking: DPS in the Battle for Azeroth

Do you know how to use the ability of your hero to give damage per second at max? In WoW Battle for Azeroth, you have everything to be successful in any type of fight: upgraded abilities and talents plus addons. Have you chosen your race in WoW already or still look for the best one?

Check the top DPS in BFA to find out everything about the ways and tools which help you in a mission whatever it is including dungeons of the highest level. Our WoW BFA DPS rankings will start with a new race that appears in the game – the Void Elf.

The role of dealing damage in WoW

Damage is known as one of the most popular and thus used weapon against the enemies in Warcraft. Needless to say that every single class of heroes has an ability to deal damage. However, not all of them can do it by the same rules and on the same level. That is why we are talking of BFA DPS rankings trying to figure out which one is the best. You will not find a prepared answer for the question which one is the best. instead, read the guides about best DPS BFA, learn the secrets, abilities and talents of every single class.

Who is the best DPS  

best dealing damage BfA

If you already have a personage in WoW Battle for Azeroth you know all his strong and weak sides in DPS. However, there are some slight differences added to some classes in BFA. So, make sure the race of your personage allows you using all the innovations Blizzard has added to the list of talents. If the race of your personage does not allow you using all the benefits then simply change it and create a new one. Then you will have a chance to be in the top DPS BFA. Who is the best in DPS? That is absolutely a subjective opinion and there is no answer what race or what class is the best. What really matters is your desire to upgrade your personage and learn as much about his DPS ability as possible.


Take a look at Void Elf classes

This is a new race in Battle for Azeroth that plays for Alliance team. To unlock this race you know what to do: complete the certain mission and here it’s called Allied Races: Void Elf (Hidden Character Achievement).

Void Elf requirements to start the game:

  • Argus storyline;
  • Argussian Reach;
  • Check the story of Void Elf and the reason why they are a member of Alliance army now.

After Void Elf unlock is done you get access to all the classes, mounts, heritage armor, racials, and other options.

Learn these things by heart in order to upgrade your personage as much as possible and become a decent team player.

Void Elf racials are all passive and only one is active

.WoW races: Void Elf class

hai – reduces damage for 1%;

hai – decreases the Void storage by 50%, the same is for Transmogrification;

hai – gives a power to get the Void essence for the personage;

hai – no delaying in taking damage for your spell casts;

hai – the only active racial trait, gives cooldown for 3 minutes within 30 yards;

Among all classes the void elf can play, pay your attention at Void Elf Rogue that has a strong ability to melee damage even despite a pretty light set of armor it owns. The same is about Void Elf Warlock – this class is extremely powerful in dealing damage to enemies and especially with damage over time effects. Check the impressive list of debuffs that Warlocks have. They know the source of dark magic that gives them energy and makes them significant in the line of classes.

Best boost class for PvE

best dd in warcraft

Since this guide is about BFA top DPS, it’s time to talk about not only standard levels of the game but also about those additions that BFA has got. We are now about bfa best mythic plus dps. To be successful in reaching level 120 and get a chance to play at Mythic plus level you need to work hard. Look at this. In order to get Void Elf heritage armor without using boost you get Heritage of the Void which is, of course, new character in the game. But it’s only on the level 110. Then you need Ren’dorei Set which is absolutely unique as it can be transmogged only by Elves and they need it badly as this set of armor is made to boost their power and damage dealing effects.

WoW Void Elf race is powerful thanked not only to their skill of owning the weapon but also because of magic and spells they know. Using DPS meter BFA beta you enhance your chance to play faster and more successful as it has helpful options and ease the mission on a certain level.

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