Battle of Dazar’alor Raid Strategy: Bosses Guide

Hey guys, it’s time to get a closer acquaintance with absolutely fantastic Battle for Dzar’alor raid. What makes it different from everything you’ve experienced in WoW before you will find out at the final stage of the combat. Be aware: there is something new to learn and to try combats with those WoW Dazar’alor bosses. 

Dazar’alor Raid short overview: schedule of dates and general info

Schedule according to which this new spot will be unlocked:

Jan 22 difficulties Normal + Heroic
Jan 29 Mythic mode + Raid Finder Wing 1
Feb 12 Raid Finder Wing 2
Feb 26 Raid Finder Wing 3

For each hero, Dazar’alor raid will include 6 bosses: depending on the faction they all will impress with you the mechanics. Learn the strategy first.

  • 1st Boss – Champion of the Light

    • Frida Ironbellows
    • Ra’wani Kanae
  • 2nd Boss

    • Grong, the Jungle Lord
    • Jadefire Masters – Grimfang and Firecaller
  • 3rd Boss

    • Jadefire Masters – Flamefist and the Illuminated
    • Grong the Revenant
  • Alliance Flashback (Horde become Alliance with Alliance Racials)

    • 4th Boss – Opulence Treasure Guardian
    • 5th Boss – Conclave of the Chosen
    • 6th Boss – King Rastakhan
  • Horde Flashback (Alliance become Horde with Horde Racials)

    • 7th Boss – High Tinker Mekkatorque
    • 8th Boss – Stormwall Blockade
    • 9th Boss – Jaina Proudmoore

    Early Bosses guide: the first act

    As you noticed in the schedule, not all modes are available at once. That is for better. Fight with the first Battle of Dazar’alor raid bosses: start with the Dazar’alor’s docks if you are a part of Alliance. It’s time to make a naval attack at Horde. Your bosses are Champion of the Light, Jadefire Masters and hai.

    When you play for Horde do your best to defend your territory there in the North of Zandalar – in the jungle where you will fight with each of three: Champion of the Light, King Grong and Jadefire Masters. Read our the fullest Dazar’alor raid guide.

Siege of Dazar’alor: Champion of the Light

The first of all Battle for Dazar’alor bosses is not alone in this standoff. She has the help of adds of 2 kinds. The boss main spell is Crusade’s Seals: Seal of Retribution and Seal of Reckoning. Every 50 seconds the boss changes her Seals. She also activates Zealatory that gives an extra 2% of holy damage to the boss’s attack.

Grong the Revenant and Grong the Jungle Lord

Despite this Battle for Dazar’alor boss has a lot in common starting with his name you will see there are different spells he uses in the combats. You should always control his Energy Bar as the power of his attack depends on it: the more energy Grong has the more damage he will deal with the enemy. Besides, there are 2 debuffs to pay attention at: they work once boss activate all his spells.


Dazar’alor Jadefire Masters

Here is one of the simplest Dazar’alor raid bosses as it’s easy to control his Energy bar. Here are some tips for you. At boss’s 30 Energy level feel free to deal Living bombs to weaken his power. At 60 Energy concentrate on the maze: cross it and take care of all the rest of the rad did the same. Finally, level 100 – use all DPS power you have to make boss give up by reaching 0 in his Energy bar.

Middle act

Here is the first moment that makes WoW Battle for Dazar’alor so special and unusual, especially for the new players. All races of Horde army transforms into the races of Alliance. This transformation corresponds to the racial they all have.

Goblin all goblins become  gnomes while hunters and shaman transform into dwarves
Orc all of them become dwarves
Blood Elf all become humans but demon hunters – night elves
Troll all of them become night elves but shaman transforms into Draenei while  warlocks – into humans
Pandaren no changes, they are still Pandaren
Tauren all of them into Draenei, except druids – night elves
Undead all transform into humans

Final act

The final act is exactly the same process of transformation but this time Alliance races into Horde. It also means the time to meet all Battle of Dazar’alor Alliance end bosses has come. To remind you who they are: hai, then Stormwall Blockade and his majesty the hai.


all into tauren, except mages, become orcs

Night Elf all elves become trolls, but demon hunters become blood elves
Dwarf all of them become orcs, except paladins – tauren, priests – undead

they become goblins, monks – Blood elves

Pandaren stay as Pandaren
Human paladins – into blood elves, all others into undead
Worgen all transforms into trolls

Raid Achievements

Finally, what Achievements we get after a successful campaign against all those bosses? There are some general achievements available for all players regardless of the difficulty mode they play: Siege of dazar’alor, hai, hai, hai, hai, and hai. Each becomes available after defeating a certain boss. In addition to these Achievements, you will get access to those which are available for Mythic mode, Normal and above. Read more about Dazar’alor raid Achievements.

2 thoughts on “Battle of Dazar’alor Raid Strategy: Bosses Guide

  • January 31, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    On our first normal run, my raid team accidentally pulled the boss because the tank thought it was just another wave of trash mobs.

    After the pull and the Masters boss was dead, everyone was quiet on Discord until one broke the silence with “so, this raid has some interesting trash mobs with cool mechanics.” As with every “first boss” encounter in a new raid, this is a very easy fight, especially on Normal.

  • February 5, 2019 at 4:44 pm

    I’m really proud of Blizzard in that regard.
    Even when the game’s not at its best the raids are always yummy and absolutely beautifuly designed.
    Thanks for the best Dazar’alor raid guide


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