Battle of Dazar’alor Raid: New Achievements

Every faction will have its own scenario for a new raid. Both armies move toward each other defeating strong bosses on their way. WoW Dazar’alor Alliance begins in Siege of Dazar’alor, in the docks, using their best naval skills.

Dazar’alor Alliance overview

There are 3 unique Battle for Dazar’alor bosses for Alliance, the main is King Rastakhan who sits in his throne hall. Horde will do their best to drop you away from the Empire’s Hall and thus High Seat. Check our best WoW Battle of Dazar’alor guide.


There are 3 acts for Alliance where the final one is the most impressive and challenging as your hero will transform into the rival. This will be a new experience: Dazar’alor Alliance army will become Horde. Here is the general list that without exception for classes. Look them up in our Dazar’alor bosses overview article.

  • Draenei – taurent;
  • Gnome – goblins;
  • Dwarf – orcs;
  • Night Elf – trolls;
  • Human – undead;
  • Pandaren – pandaren;
  • Worgen – trolls.

All Difficulties for Alliance

Each difficulty you choose will bring you the following Dazar’alor Alliance achievements:

Normal Difficulty or Above

Normal difficulty plus Heroic one are available on Jan 22.

Mythic Difficulty

The most challenging and intriguing – Mythic difficult for Battle of Dazar’alor Alliance will bring you such a set of achievements.

Dazar’alor Horde overview

The crusade for WoW Dazar’alor Horde contains three stages as well as for Alliance with slight differences. Again, 3 unique bosses and 3 stages the difficulty of which corresponds to the boss’ abilities. But here the middle act instead of the final act has the same scenario for the Battle of Dazar’alor Horde.  


It means the soldiers of Horde army will get all the abilities and talents of the Alliance. The distribution of forces here is the following, again in general terms, excluding the particulars for the races.

  • Blood Elf – humans;
  • Goblin – gnomes;
  • Trolls – night elves;
  • Orcs – dwarves;
  • Tauren – draenei;
  • Pandaren – pandaren;
  • Undead – humans.

All Difficulties for Alliance for Horde

Normal Difficulty or Above

Dazar’alor achievements of Normal difficulty, Heroic and above include:

Mythic Difficulty

Mythic difficulty to play in the battle of dazar’alor is available on January 29.

Raid achievements list

The whole list of WoW Battle for Dazar’alor raid achievements looks like Normal and above mode.

  • hai – win it in the combat with Champion of the Light boss, Normal difficulty+;
  • hai: your encounter is the Opulence, Normal + difficulty;
  • hai: the first step is serpent then fight with Jadefire Masters, Normal+ difficulty;
  • hai: Snowman will help, Normal+ difficulty
  • hai: make an attack at King Rastakhan using Phantom of Retribution first, then Phantom of Rage and of Slaughter, Normal+ difficulty;
  • hai: simple battle with Conclave of the Chosen, Normal+ difficulty;
  • hai: eliminate 6 barrels and then  fight with Grong, Normal+;
  • hai: defeat  High Tinker Mekkatorque, Normal+;
  • hai: before the fight with Stormwall Blockade, then find this guy, Normal+.

What you will be rewarded with after getting them all is Dazar’alor Windreaver mount. It’s characterized as the one that is drawn only to most skilled and witty heroes.

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