WoW Crucible of Storms Raid in BfA the patch 8.1.5

Crucible of Storms raid release date is closer and closer, right on 26th of February. Hurry up to find out everything about the encounters you will meet there in order to know how to behave.

Crucible of Storms Encounters

What we must say in the beginning is that you have to pay attention not only at bosses’ abilities but the Relics of Power one of them uses as in the second part of the battle for Crucible of Storms raid WoW you will be able to use them. Each relic works for a certain class, thus the whole mechanics of the game will depend on that.

You are welcome to get acquainted with the Restless Cabal guide, your first boss. He is not alone but surrounded by assistants who are also called bosses. Get the relics and being armed fully move straight to learning about Uu’nat guide. There you will have a chance to show the skills in the art of warcraft at best.

For now Crucible of Storms raid loot is of Normal difficulty and includes 9 items for killing each boss.

Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void guide

Being boss number two in Crucible of Storms raid, Uu’nat, however, takes our attention first. The battle has 3 phases where a boss will show all his abilities one by one but also there will be a mixture of them. Uu’nat win strategy is about using relics in a smart way. Here is an explanation for each relic and the class of hero who can use it. The source of relics is your win in the battle with Restless Cabal WoW. No other way, so bear it in mind.

  • hai relic works for Tanks. This relic creates a special bubble that absorb 75% of damage coming from the boss and his adds. Its debuff – Custody of the Deep – inflicts Frost Damage once the bubble is removed.
  • hai works for healers perfectly. This relic provides Healer with the shield Umbrall Shell. He may use this shield to protect not only himself but all the players, their mounts and pets. Since every relic has a debuff, this one – hai – removes 100% healing all player have got plus the enemies as well.
  • hai is for DPS. DPS players have a new ability called Storm of Annihilation that gives Nature Damage for 15 sec to all players and also adds though in a smaller portion. If the player’s health is not more than 25% he is likely to die immediately and there is no way to trigger “on-death” option.

Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void abilities

It’s time to make Uu’nat Harbringer of the Void overview with all his abilities. First phase of the game introduces basic abilities, second – new abilities plus the ones from the first one, third phase is a mixture of 1 and 2 phases and a couple of N’Zoth gifts.


  • hai: boss gives Shadow Damage to one tank, marks it for 24 sec, so that his Undying Guardian will be sent to this tank.
  • hai: summoning void zones which knock back the players if they touch it and deals Shadow Damage
  • hai: energy from Void Balls to all players who stay within 10 yards
  • hai: Maddening Eyes and Piercing gaze
  • hai: deals Shadow Damage and create a circle of Void Energy
  • hai: Shadow damage at phase 2 that increases movement speed and haste of adds for 50%
  • Primordial Mindbender: they are new adds which cast Consume Essence giving Shadow damage together with Swarming Voidspawns
  • hai: Shadow damage to players within 80 yards and ability to fear them all for 6 sec
  • hait: a debuff that marks the player and removes 100% of healing as well as giving Shadow damage and Feed on the Unworthy for 2 sec
  • hai: boss makes all players see each other as foes for 5 sec. Meanwhile, he deals Shadow Damage to all

Uu’nat Harbringer of the Void win strategy starts with using relics according to their roles plus keeping an eye on Undying Guardian add who stays by boss’s side all the time.

Defeat The Restless Cabal

The Restless Cabal guide introduces not the only boss but a couple of his NPS which are Zaxasj the Speaker and Fa’thuul the Feared, both with an arsenal of their own abilities.

The Restless Cabal Loot

Restless Cabal BfA is number one N’Zoth’s servant and his power is based on the abilities the Old God provides him with NPSs are also bosses, so we will call them like that now.

All three bosses have access to relics and they try to use them as much possible. Each time they apply the relic the damage gets +10%. There is a rule: every boss must use the same relic only once. The more they use relics the more powerful they are so finally they can give 300% damage to the whole raid.

There are three relics:

The Restless Cabal win strategy is about to break all bonds between boss and his NPS who get power straight from N’Zoth.

Zaxasj the Speaker abilities

  • hai: damage taken makes players to become Agent of Demise when they hate each other and see as enemies every member of the raid + takes away 100% of healing.
  • hai: damage taken from boss makes the player feel hatred to others for 6 sec.
  • hai: again players under the attack become Dark Herald seeing others as enemies and dealing Promises of Power for 20 sec on them.
  • hai: has the ability to be stacked.
  • hai: it’s triggered each time when boss takes any Relic of Power from the list. Visage gives Shadow Damage to everyone on the arena and lasts for 3 minutes (!).

Fa’thuul the Feared abilities

  • hai:  Physical Damage and Severed Anguish.
  • hai:  has the same effect as when Uu’nat boss uses it.
  • hai: increasing Shadow damage that reduces the speed of target for 50%.
  • hai: boss summons all those adds on the arena. They will cast Witness the End with a power of dealing 100% Shadow Damage to all players. The power increases with every destroyed add.

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