Сhampion of the light Dazar’alor Raid Strategy Guide

After winning in the relatively easy encounter over Champion of the Light Battle of Dazar’alor get your loot according to chosen difficulty mode you play. The loot includes the following items.

Champion of the light WoW Loot




Champion of the light Quick Tips

If you wish to win with little blood spilled in combat with Champion of the Light raid then do not ignore simple tips working for every phase. Read more about Dazar’alor raid bosses in our guide.

  • Learn everything about dealing with Holy damage as this is the main type of damage you get from boss.
  • Stay away from hai. For that stay somewhere in the middle between adds and boss though not in center but slightly aside.
  • Keep adds far from boss, minimum 30 yards.
  • Do not face adds as hai is active.
  • Since most of casts that Disciple uses are interruptible, do not waste a chance to work against them.
  • You need 2 or 3 tanks to win fast and easy.

Champion of the light Abilities

A table of Champion of the Light wow boss abilities is not really long. The explanation is simple: being the first boss in the raid she has the easiest mechanics. Read more about some of the special abilities in this article.


It’s considered to be one of the most dangerous ones. Champion of the Light boss WoW casts it every 10 sec. The target is added as it gives 5% to its health every 1 sec for 7 sec.Wave of light

If there is no add in this circle of light then any member of raid finds himself under its effect – getting Holy damage. Better not to stay on its path.


It’s a buff that Battle of Dazar’alor Champion of the Light uses in a different situation and not only one certain case. This buff enhances that amount of Holy Damage that boss deals for 2%. Sources of hai triggered are different. It may be activated during hai stage when add dies. Our boss cast this buff to random player. hai has a different scenario: the boss starts to cast and stack hai when players attack her.


Sacred Blade is another buff in the arsenal of Champion of the Light Dazar’alor that allows her hitting the target with melee damage giving a small amount of Holy damage to the enemy for 10 sec every 2 sec.


A buff that gives increased damage to the target with help of hai. At the same time, hai adds health for 15% to all adds. It also triggers hai that has a small amount of Holy damage to deal on every member of a raid for 2 sec.

Here again, hai may be stacked. This time Champion of the Light BfA casts it if any of mobs are killed.

Talking of mob and their role, once boss gains her 100 energy she will cast Judgement: Righteousness to a random mob enhancing their damage ability up to 200% and healing for 150%.

Forces of the Crusade Adds

The adds in the team of Battle for Dazar’alor Champion of the Light boss are disciple and crusaders. Let’s see: the team of Ra’wani Kanae (boss for Alliance) includes Rezani Disciple and Zandalari Crusaders. Frida Ironbellows (Horde faction boss) has an assistant in face of Anointed Disciple and Darkforged Crusaders.

Anointed Disciple has abilities which are dispelled and are targeted to enemies or mobs only, never a boss:

  • hai deals Holy damage to the enemy or adds 2% of health to any mob;
  • hai works for mobs only;
  • hai dealing damage to a random enemy;

Darkforged Crusader has abilities:

  • hai gives damage to an active tank;
  • hai creates hai that disorients players for 5 sec;
  • hai creates a spot of light on the arena giving damage to all enemies who are on that spot. At the same time, Consecration decreases damage by 50%.

Champion of the light Strategy


  • With taunting, swap remove the effect of hai lasting for 10 sec;
  • Move adds away from hai area while attacking them;
  • Attacking adds activate your interrupts in order to prevent them from being healed.


  • Watch the time meaning the phase of the battle as each target can be attacked successfully on a proper moment;
  • Destroy adds at phase of hai;
  • Attack Champion of the Light boss – phase of hai.


  • hai is the most dangerous phase for the whole raid. So, it’s a perfect time for using cooldowns.
  • hai at 100 energy bar boss gives a huge amount of AoE – another reason to apply for cooldowns.

Champion of the Light Mythic Difficulty

WoW Champion of the Light has got an additional ability called Prayer of the Fallen now. This ability allows her giving power to adds, both alive or already dead. This power is hai that gives back health to boss.

Champion of the Light Mythic Difficulty

This ability is interruptible. The second ability is hai that triggers 4 holy mallets with inflicting damage to all targets every 1 sec for 8 sec. However, Prayer of the Fallen may be used at the same add for 30 sec only and then every 1 minute after that.

Champion of the Light Heroic

Here Champion of the Light WoW has got a different ability called hai, that boss buffs on any target with a goal to decrease taken damage for 99% during 6-sec duration. Again as with Prayer of the Fallen this effect can’t work with the same add more than 30 sec giving him another kind of protection – hai.

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