Blood Death Knight Tank Guide – WoW class review

Blood Death Knight is a unique class in BfA Wow and if you have ever taken a look at its talents you know what we are talking about. In the new expansion and its first Patch 8.0.1, this class has got some changes which can be significant especially when we play in Mythic+ mode. We are here to give you the necessary information and some tips about Blood Death Knight BfA so that you will take all efforts to improve your hero by using all the talents and abilities of DKs. Read more

WoW Professions in Battle for Azeroth Guide

If you already have a profession in WoW, get ready to learn changes. WoW professions BfA are still divided into expansions but there is no one common bar for all of them. Each expansion has a progress bar of 950 levels. At the same time every profession, except Alchemy, has its own 8 progress bars. Choose your best money making professions BfA based on this guide.  Read more

Shadow Priest Guide in BfA New Patch

Blizzard has announced so many changes in the new Battle for Azeroth new expansion that, no doubt, so many of us were waiting for a new table of talents and abilities for the most impressive classes WoW Shadow Priest. The new patch has brought some changes, adding new Shadow Priest talents, improving the existing ones and removing the old ones. Read more

The overview of the BfA Patch 8.1

It looks like only recently a new expansion of WoW was introduced to us and we have just started to learn it and take steps to update our personage to a higher level but Blizzard is ready to give us a new portion of information, abilities, and options which make the game even more exciting. Meet the BFA patch 8.1 – Tides of Vengeance!

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