Battle of Dazar’alor raid guide and loot info: best wow review

December 11 is pretty close which means it’s exactly the moment to learn everything about the Battle for Dazar’alor raid, the first opened raid in patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance. We’ve prepared a complete guide for you to be fully armed for a meeting with 9 bosses, get those rewards, tame new pets and mounts plus master the new Dazar’alor transmog weapon and armor. Warning: you may get blind with those brilliant graphics made for the raid. This journey is going to be full of surprises and a bit overcrowded as you will need real help to win! Read more

Uldir Heroic Loot Run in BfA

Do you remember that some missions in WoW BFA are available at Heroic or Mythic mode only? Can’t wait to reach the necessary level to start the battle in the raid? Do not have enough loot to upgrade your hero?

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New BfA Raid: Crucible of Storms overview

Be the first one who will get right inside the new mini raid called Crucible of Storms which is going to be the second raid available in the new WoW Patch 8.1.0. It’s coming after Siege of Zuldazar and this time we will go to the Alliance continent because this is the place where old Gods were prisoned. In this new raid, you will have a chance to see the real jail and feel that fear deeply. Also, check the crucible of storms wow loot table. Read more

BFA Raid Guide: Siege of Zuldazar

Just now released new patch 8.1.0 of WoW – Tides of Vengeance – showed there are some changes in classes, forms, heritage armor and other abilities and talents of the personage. But among all, the most exciting thing is a new raid in WoW Siege of Zuldazar which is located on the Horde continent. Read more

BFA Uldir raid: Halls of control raid guide

Raid overview: first BFA raid overview

Uldir raid is the biggest and the most impressive raid on Zandalar. Just take a look at the entrance to Uldir: fantastic graphics and detailed map that will lead to each boss step by step. Talking about bosses, Uldir Halls of Control has got 8 bosses at once.

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