World of Warcraft DPS rankings: Best DPS BfA

Do you know how to use the ability of your hero to give damage per second at max or get best DPS in BfA? In WoW Battle for Azeroth, you have everything to be successful in any type of fight: upgraded abilities and talents plus addons. Have you chosen your race in WoW already or still look for the best one?

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Best WoW Addons: Must Have Addons for BfA

If you’ve already started to play the new WoW expansion – Battle for Azeroth – and sank into details, you know how diverse the map of quests is, how many abilities and new talents the heroes may get and the main – the mission of the game for the Alliance and for the Horde. Are you ready to be a regular gamer and gain every loot step by step? Read more