Zandalar WoW: storyline of the Horde empire

Zandalar is a homeland for the race of trolls and the heart of troll civilization in Azeroth. In previous time Zandalar was a part of Kalimdor, the continent created by Titans a millennia ago. First, it was the name of the holy mountain where Wild Gods lived. After Cataclysm, Zandalar has got into chaos and every part of it has started to decay.

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Kul Tiras guide: all about the new Alliance Kingdom in BFA

The Battle for Azeroth is a completely new page in our favorite game World of Warcraft. The new page opens new locations, dungeons, and raids, new races, their abilities, and history. The previous expansion could not hold all the new races at the same land which has led to the creation of the completely new kingdom – Kul Tiras. Read more