Blood Death Knight Tank Guide – WoW class review

Blood Death Knight is a unique class in BfA Wow and if you have ever taken a look at its talents you know what we are talking about. In the new expansion and its first Patch 8.0.1, this class has got some changes which can be significant especially when we play in Mythic+ mode. We are here to give you the necessary information and some tips about Blood Death Knight BfA so that you will take all efforts to improve your hero by using all the talents and abilities of DKs.

Patch 8.0.1 Changes for Blood Death Knights

Blood Death Knight changes BfA include talents, abilities, certain items and weapons. Let’s dive into this topic and absorb the most important information cutting all the rest not to distract our attention.

Blood Death Knight Strengths & Weaknesses

Sure, there are no perfect classes in WoW. And even being as powerful as DKs we still can’t be confident about every combat we start on the fields of Azeroth. It’s always to know in advance all the strong and weak sides of every class.

These are the strengths for Blood Death Knight Battle for Azeroth:

High level of self-sustain which absolutely necessary for the tank.

A couple of unique utility added – Gorefiend’s Grasp and Death Grip.

Two impressive cooldowns – Death Grip and Dark Command (works for 8 sec).

Apart from these taunt cooldowns, you will find some defensive cooldowns.

The weakness of Dks in BfA:

Mobility for DKs is pretty limited having Death’s Advance – speed increases for 30% during 8 sec

Reactive mitigation leads to the fact that DKs take much more damage than any other heroes

We know pretty well that Blizzard always works about improvements and introduces their changes to us in every new Patch, so we dare to hope that Blood Death Knight will get rid of some weak sides soon.

Spec, Builds, and Talents

Let’s remind that Blood Death Knight talents BfA are all to make it great in tanking. It means this class has fantastic damage reduction and defensive abilities and in sum with a unique mount and armor which is a plate, these facts make DKs really special.

You will find a lot of changes in talents depending on the level you are at. Some were removed and they are Blood Tap, Tremble before Me, Blood Mirror, Heart of Ice, March of the Damned, Spectral Deflection.

Instead, DKs get 6 new talents:

    • Consumption: Melee range with 46 sec of cooldown.
    • Grip of the Dead: decrease enemy’s speed for 90% +10% of decaying.
    • Rune Strike: Melee range, 1-sec cooldown.
    • Wraith Walk: 1 min of cooldown plus increasing of your speed for 170%.
    • Hemostasis: increase your damage given to the enemy for 8%, has the ability to stack up till 5 times.
    • Voracious: gives Leech of 15% more, active for 6 sec.

Spec, Builds, and Talents

Every talent is available at a certain level. Remember, there are 7 Tiers each for levels from 56 till 100. Choose the best talent you open with every new level. The same is about new items.

What about specs in BfA? Choose from DKs to be a tank or deal damage. The difference between these specs is about the style they behave in the battles: DK can use the magic of Blood to give a huge amount of damage or healing for themselves or being Unholy or Frost they use these powers to attack their targets with a power of undeath.

Death Knight Leveling Guide

We’ve prepared some tips for you to level up your Knight sooner than later.

    • When you have a green gear or better never sell it. You can always use this gear for getting the reagents which are important for crafts of 120 lvl.
    • Dungeons are not the best places for leveling up the Knight because, in the end, you will not find there lots of gold and experience. Every quest line includes dungeons, so it’s recommended to complete the quest line but not use extra opportunities to get into dungeons.
    • In order to become one of the highest Blood Death Knight Azerite Traits ranked complete every quest line as each of them gives you 280 Azerite in the end and it absolutely does not matter what level your hero currently has.
    • BfA is available in PvP mode only which means some new benefits for the player. One of them is War mode. it’s important to enable it to get an extra 10% after killing the monsters in the game. However, you would better switch off War mode while playing in War Campaign before you reach 119 lvl, otherwise you will find yourself in the heart of enemy territory constantly. 
    • Check special items which increase experience and speed plus food buffs

Death Knight Leveling Guide

Leveling the personage means to get more of Blood Death Knight Azerite Traits. No need to explain why it’s important and why we all need those traits so severely. The more of them we have the closer we are to completing the mission of the whole expansion – gathering the Heart of Azeroth that consists of Azerite traits only.

Blood Death Knight Tank Mythic+ Tips: utility rotation talents

It’s time to learn about Blood Death Knight stats BfA and receive some tips on how to behave while playing in Mythic+ mode. To know about the talents does not mean to be a winner in 100% of combats. But to use Blood Death Knight rotation is our all-time key. We have an idea to introduce the most powerful and necessary talents and utilities the DKs have in patch 8.0.1. It’s up to you only how to rotate them all in a smart order.

    • Gorefiend’s Grasp with 2 min cooldown.
    • Mind Freeze works on enemies within 15 yards, is one of the interrupt spells.
    • Death Grip works both as an extra interrupt and melee range.
    • Death and Decay with 30 sec cooldown for all targets within 30 yards.
    • Raise Ally is a powerful resurrection spell.
  • Asphyxiate is about 45 sec cooldown.

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