WoW Tanking Guide: BfA Tank Rankings

Here is the fullest BfA tank review you can find at all. Using it you can become expert in tanking but the main advice right now is to try and practice. Do not get into the trap as many players: the role of tanks in WoW is not more difficult than any other classes in the game. Learn the classes, the specs and talents for each of them.

We will introduce best tank BfA to you, will give their main abilities, rotation, ability to get Aggro and using cooldowns and finally the best BfA tank rankings to make it easier for you to start playing and be successful in any kind of battles including the most difficult ones like Uldir dungeon and others.

WoW best tanks and how to be the best one

Tanks are special in the party or the raid. When you have a great BfA tank, not just an ordinary one, the tank that is brave enough to lead the whole party and does not step aside at once when he faces the enemy the raid I doomed for success and the victory. Being BFA best tank you not only protect the raid with help of your special abilities but go from one spot on the new continents to another one.

Best Tanks BFA – WoW Tank Rankings

Best Tanks BfA

Few steps to tanks leveling

There are several marks to define if your tank is the best one. Warcraft tank changes in every new expansion but their main roles still remains the same. Follow these steps to upgrade your tank and make it necessary in the party looking for loot in the dungeon.

Each tank has talents and abilities. You must know everything about its qualities to be a real helper in the team. We will give you the whole list of BfA tank choice in descriptions below.

💥 Check the tank gear wow. The stronger it is, the more durable armor you wear the more difficult it will be for the enemy to knock you off and deal damage. Besides, the gear must be adjustable to the enemy, otherwise, you will not be able to use all the advantages of armor in the particular battle. This is about the alternative gear of course with the ability to change it according to the situation. Imagine if the boss deals heavy melee damage, besides pretty often, you are free to use the trinket from your gear that allows your Armor to increase passively.

💥 Best tank BfA is able to hit the treat not on one encounter only but the group of them, all of the encounters who can suffer from the tank’s damage.

Few steps to tanks leveling

💥 Since we’ve touched the question of the enemies, keep in mind before entering any dungeon learn everything about the boss you are going to meet there. If you fail then even strong leader of the raid will not be able to help you and the whole mission will be screwed up completely. Being a tank you are in a fantastic position to have the whole overview of the boss and the way your raid attacks it. That’s why it’s so important to know every single step in the mechanic of the encounter to be at least one step ahead and help your party to work successfully.

💥 Best tank in BfA, whatever its class is, knows perfectly the power of DPS if it’s range or melee and knows how to make their job as efficiently as possible by downtime and reduce to the minimum their movements to make their attacks absolutely successful.

Use different addons to make the job of BfA best tank even more prosperous and comfortable. Addons are extremely popular tools which help the players to get some advantages like improved control and operations in the battles, optimized screen using etc. Check the Tidy Plates addon for example. With its help, you get a possibility to see all the targets in the dungeon you can both get aggro of and lose aggro. Learn our BFA addons guide – Must have addons.

How does Threat and Aggro Work in BfA Tank?

No matter what you do with World of Warcraft dk tanking but even if you make all the steps from the previous table you will never reach the level of the top-tank if you forget about such significant characteristics like Aggro and Threat.

First, let’s see what threat and Aggro is. The threat is a tool to measure the hostility of the mob that it was against the player. There are 2 actions to set off the threat. Dealing damage is counted by 1:1 as damage to the mod and healing by 1:2.

How does Threat and Aggro Work in BfA tank

These are two actions which give threat to the most significant amount. You might think of the role of buff and debuff. Sure they are considered to be the threat as well but too little to be serious. It does not matter how long the battles last, the treat remains the same and do not lose the power. When the player dies the threat disappeared together with him. However, there are some abilities which may decrease the threat, such as Fade (removes threat for 10 sec) or Vanish.

Aggro is not a tool or mean, it’s a state of the player, the tank of course when he gives the most significant amount of threat to the mob. In its turn, the mob attacks the tank. In all cases except one, you need to Aggro as much as possible. When the battle demands several tanks at once or when the boss casts the debuff that makes you unprotected and open for the damage, then Aggro is not the goal at all.

Ability rotation

All DPS classes have the ability to the rotation, so the same is for the tanks. They have 4 types of abilities to use in rotation.

  • 🎁 Active migitation.
  • 🎁 Defensive abilities which turn on cooldowns.
  • 🎁 Damaging and threat abilities.
  • 🎁 Other abilities to mention: buff/debuff, mobility, taunts, slows etc.

Using Offensive Cooldowns

Tanks use offensive cooldowns in two ways. They increase the damage the player gave to the enemy or they reduce the cooldown and time to recovery of certain abilities the enemy has. But this is not the main goal of any tank to use offensive cooldowns. Instead, keep in mind that defensive ones play a significant role as the first ones.

Initial Aggro – the main armor of best tanks BfA

Any tank reviews BfA will be incomplete without discussing the question of the real role of Aggro in the gameplay of every tank. We’ve mentioned already that Aggro is the main goal for the tank. As it’s the main armor the tank may have in the game. 

Initial Aggro

WoW best tank has a privilege to attack the boss before anyone else and thus get the initial Aggro. This is the best way to get Aggro – pull the boss in the beginning. To get and not to lose anything learn everything about your abilities which generate threat. Follow our BFA tanking guide to get the power of threat fully.

✔ Be sure to use the biggest amount of threat.

Plan the game considering all your powerful abilities are available for use.

✔ When you lose the agro of boss do not forget to use Taunt.

✔ If the mechanics of the game does not demand using survival cooldowns immediately then simply postpone these actions.

Aggro and Maintaining Aggro

So, how to regain and maintain Aggro in case if you lost it in the battle with the boss? The WoW tanking scenario has only 2 situations when it’s possible: if Aggro is lost because of DPS player and if the tank is involved into the rotation. You can choose using either taunting or tank-switch.

 ‼ Taunting makes mob attack the player for 3 sec. The player who taunts gets the same amount of Aggro as the tank who taunted for that 3 sec. The threat of the player increases again for 3 sec.

 ‼ In the battle where a couple of tanks take part, use rotation such as taunting the boss and checking the debuff ability of other players. Use more of threat-generating abilities ones taunt is done. If you are taunted then simply go to help other tank and stop using your threat abilities for several secs.

Maximizing Your Raid’s and Your Own DPS

Tank rankings BfA includes such important characteristics as DPS. What does it mean? Tank is the one who moves the boss while the battle. The smart tank will consider all the options with the purpose to make the job of melee damage as efficiently as possible. Highest DPS tank BfA knows perfectly that for melee range to be powerful the boss must stay at one place as much as possible. It helps the players who use melee damage to save energy and be more precise while attacking.

The highest tank DPS BfA uses the following strategy

 ✅ Make the boss in the same way as long as possible to give a DPS player time to deal the damage effectively.

✅ See if there is no any kind of void zones there behind the boss giving a DPS player possibility to deal melee damage.

We wrote above what makes an ordinary tank a great one – the knowledge of the gameplay and the mechanics of the battle. This is the proof and the example. One more thing to remember. When you perform DPS as a tank, all those DPS will be summed in the raid. Therefore kill the boss much faster. More about WoW DPS rankings read in our DPS in the Battle for Azeroth.


How to survive in the encounter? Do not rely on healers in this question only as some non-experienced. Ones will fail to heal you and give your health back. Here are some ways for every World of Warcraft dk tank to use.

  • Active survival: use low cooldown abilities or no cooldown.
  • Cooldowns themselves.
  • Get the best position (face the mob and never accept its attack with the back) and movement. Check if the healers from your party have a chance to get to you.
  • Pushing is tactic to make the enemy to come closer by making one step back.

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  • January 11, 2019 at 6:52 pm

    Thank you for a super guide to the insight of what a great tank is. I personaly need to get over the shy attribute, but by learning the encounter i get confidence. Its nice to hear its ok to screw up occassionaly
    Thanks again mate!

  • January 14, 2019 at 2:01 pm

    I believe you ought to mention that the high significance of +success and +expertise, that has been glossed over on your guide. A tank that is phenomenal is somebody that does not need to struggle for hazard with anybody except his own partner tank. The one thing is, +struck and +expertise produce a night-and-day gap in the hazard production a tank may produce, as RNG will variable less, then perhaps maybe not all. Vengeance can provide me 500% strike power, also it is irrelevant when I have 10 moments of dodged and parried strikes, which I have needed as a tank.

  • February 5, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    I played with DPS. I have lately taken on tanking. The very best thing about your manuals is it is helpful at all levels. There’s absolutely no way I would take my 90 Fury Warrior and change with no previous tank encounter to protection. Having played with both melee and ranged DPS in many of configurations gave me some insight. Your guide answered a number of my questions and filled in lots of the openings.

  • February 22, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    I play a protection paladin as my main, I agree we have the best tools in raid and the can’t kite for shit, but we’re pretty good main tanks, I solo tank mythic taloc and mother, and work well with a warrior tank, my guild will be taking a warrior and my paladin into the next raid, we did legion and we will do BFA!


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