BFA Raid Guide: Siege of Zuldazar

Just now released new patch 8.1.0 of WoW – Tides of Vengeance – showed there are some changes in classes, forms, heritage armor and other abilities and talents of the personage. But among all, the most exciting thing is a new raid in WoW Siege of Zuldazar which is located on the Horde continent.

Its main feature is a different scenario to complete for each faction. Let’s find out what kind of bosses we will meet there playing for Alliance or Horde, the way to enter the raid, kinds of Siege of Zuldazar armor and weapons we can use to fight.

The release of the new BfA raid

The release of the first raid Siege of Zuldazar was on 8th of October, 2018. So, we are here to answer the main question and gives as full Siege of Zuldazar overview as possible.

Let’s start from the most crucial question: how to get into the raid zone?

Look for Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade III to have a chance to teleport to the raid. He is somewhere in Stormwind, Boralus, Orgrimmar and Dalaran.

release of the new raid bfa

Check if the zone is already open while testing. In case it’s closed, you will not be able to reach it. Yes, you’ve understood it correct – now the raid is going through testing to find out if it goes smooth and there are no bugs in it.

According to the scenario in raid Alliance attack the capital city of Zandalar and Horde does its best to defend its home and knock out the enemy back to the sea.

How to fight against each other in Siege of Zuldazar?

Learn everything about Siege of Zuldazar gear and weapons now. WoW Siege of Zuldazar gear includes a wide range of items each worked in details:

  • Cloth/ Cloth Mystic;
  • Leather/Leather Mystic;
  • Mail/Mail Mystic.

Siege of Zuldazar Raid Armor - Cloth

The list of Siege of Zuldazar plate armor has got some impressive types to choose from:

  • Fist weapon;
  • Glaive;
  • Mace 1H;
  • Sword 1H;
  • Sword 2H;
  • Offhand;
  • Shield;
  • Axe;
  • Dagger;
  • Wand;
  • Staff.

Exploring the map of the raid  

Since Siege of Zuldazar suggests the different scenario for Horde and Alliance we will meet different bosses as well. How does it work? Alliance army led by Jaina lands in port and starts moving straight to the center of the continent where the pyramids are located. On their way, warriors meet 6 Siege of Zuldazar bosses. For now, we know only their names. And have some information about the first boss for each faction:

  • Ra’wani Kanae;
  • Loa Council;
  • Treasury Guardian;
  • King Rastakhan;
  • Grimfang and Firecaller;
  • Grong the Revenant.

Ra’wani Kanae

Zuldazar bosses Ra'wani Kanae

Ra’wani Kanae is not a single boss but has her troops where they empower each other and have abilities for healing. They use Consecration and Wave of Light to reduce the size of the territory where battles are held. Ra’wani uses seals to empower herself and once she reaches 100 energy she can improve her troops with Righteous Blessing.

Meanwhile, Horde Army moved from the northern part of Zandalar protecting their territory and fighting with their own 6 bosses. The final boss is Jaina.

  • Frida Ironbellows;
  • Sea Priest Blockade;
  • Flamefist and the Illuminated;
  • King Grong;
  • High Tinker Mekkatorque;
  • Assumed Jaina Encounter.


BfA boss Frida

Frida, the first encounter for Horde in the raid, has the same abilities. It may look strange at first sight but since every army has different warriors the scenario will never be the same for both factions. Her abilities include increasing of Holy damage, melee attacks, using the additional effect of seals, using divine energy to kill the enemy, holy wrath that increases the damage up to 30%, bursting the enemy with divine energy, healing friends, striking the enemies with a weapon full of holy damage, an ability to disorient enemies with help of divine Light and finally, using Consecration that gives Holy damage to enemies and at the same time reduces damage her troops have got from the caster by 50%.

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