BFA Mythic+ Dungeon Guide: Horde zones

If you are aware already of every detail in the new BFA expansion then you wish to know how to be successful in dungeons, especially those which are available in Mythic mode only. Who needs this Wow BFA dungeon guide?

Every player who does not want to lose time looking for information of the best keys and steps to win dungeons. Definitely, it’s not a one-day trip to the highest level in the game, so you may need to use BFA mythic+ boost to complete the mission faster. However, the experienced gamers say it’s a fascinating tour there to dungeons. Do not miss a chance and read our WoW dungeon guide right now.

We are going to give the latest update of WoW dungeon leveling guide with tactics to use against every encounter in the room.

mythic plus dungeons wow

Siege of Boralus Mythic+ Guide

Welcome to Horde new continent, the most interesting dungeon of all times – Siege of Boralus. If you look at the map you will see this BFA mythic+ dungeon is located under Tiragarde Sound in Kul Tiras zone. The first boss you will meet her is the Older – Kraken. He is a simple mechanic with a look of a big frontal cleave. It moves toward the tanks and the damage you get will take you an eternity to recover from. His room is also full of water which is dangerous in itself. Besides, an ancient predator lives there – the shark that hits you badly each time it jumps out of the water. Also, you will face a wave tender against whom you will need to use the interrupt. Stay away from the Waterlight shell as well as it puts absorption on the random mob and thus hurt everyone in your team.

Our dungeon guide BFA pontificates you about the Older, the boss who makes you encounter his mobs which are Fang Guards. Their central role is to give you the damage of all earth. To protect yourself and all members of your group make sure your defenders are faced away.

In our WoW mythic dungeon guide, you will find out about the next boss who is Sergeant Bainbridge whose main ability is to increase his speed 100% and hitting the player with an iron case. Kill his fingertip to avoid a frontal attack. You will meet CDs here – paralyzed and hacks. Trudy’s bombs deal huge damage themselves and explode in an especially dangerous way one boss step on them.

bfa horde dungeons guide

Being a winner and moving forward be ready for muscle shoot. Better hide behind the boxes as the spotter put debuff and spawn circles around you which is his main mechanic. You should run these circles over the mobs. The spotter itself does not get any kind of damage but his companions only. So, make sure you do the cleaning.

Ready for another challenge? Read in our BFA dungeon guide about the next boss – Captain Lockwood who has the ability to jump fast toward his ship with cannons. If you do not kill the cannoneers immediately they will not only shoot you but the canons will also be dropped on your heads. It’s recommended to move through the gaps all the time. The boss gets help also from the treads of the pillar which cast fish – a slobber that is frontal. The advice is to move constantly. The last map is Tempest who casts water spray which is frontal and is a debuff for someone who needs healing from the spells in your team.

The Underrot Mythic+ Guide               

Welcome to another BfA mythic + dungeon – again at the Horde territory. The team may consist of 5 players only. This is our all in one WoW dungeon power leveling guide to let you know what to expect once you enter the dungeon. The first boss you will meet here is a chosen block Metron who can increase his speed by up to 100% and who is pretty dangerous on big pools. To fight and win use a quick wipe.

Underrot Mythic Guide

The next map is default clock priest who is not a real priest and who has three kinds of casts. His authority construction can bring the health back from 5 and up to 80%. His other cast is named gift of god and includes personal debuffs. Make sure your interrupt is available. Now take a look around and choose what side to follow. Here use WoW dungeon guide addon that will help to make the mission easier. One of the sides is about the extra one who gathers in groups of two or three and creates a pool.

Meet the befall spirits later. They are the dark omen and have 2 kinds of casts. The main problem is a channel cast as it gives damage by the tank with a weak impulse around. After clearing around you will meet the first boss Axa. Is main talent is to duplicate himself – the more of Axa the worse? He gives a sanguine feast on a random player and applies the debuff on him. The only way to remove this boss is to take a spot heal meaning a flash heal. Do complete this room you need to clear it three times.

In the next room, you will be surrounded by a lot of mushrooms with an ability to explode once the boss reaches the source of energy at 100%. To deal with mushrooms use the shockwave to tank the boss. The bigger mushrooms are easily do deal with as you can simply dodge between them. Here also the corruptor fights with you. His main tactic is to spawn the tentacles around the target and hit it in this way.

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