WoW Hunter Pet Guide: BfA Best Hunter Pets

Here are a full WoW best hunter pets guide with answers to all questions you make have while playing in the new expansion. Just bear in mind simple advice we’ve got from the experienced players. Depending on the pet you are looking for, your personage will face different levels of difficulty.

Some pets, and there are more than 100 BfA new pets in the game, are hard to find, others – to tame. The huge range of spirits allows your personage choosing the ones you want to have in your collection immediately or it’s not that urgent. For example, spirit crab belongs to those WoW hunter pets which are not easy to find as it’s hidden on the tiny spot on the map somewhere in the deep blue sea.


Once you found it on the Abandoned Reef it’s just about one second to tame it. There are such spirits like the fox which is both easy to find in the bushes around the graveyard and easy to tame. Another thing is gryphon which is in the gryphon nest and looks not difficult at all to get it. But it’s an illusion since you will go through troubles and will spend much time to tame this beast.

Battle for Azeroth WoW Hunter Pets overview

What you should know about WoW hunter pets BFA is that you can’t choose any kinds of pets as each of them belongs to a family and has its specialization. That is why today we pay attention to the particular pets and their families – the ones which are available and useful for the hunters. There are three specializations for WoW hunter petsCunning, Ferocity and Tenacity. They all have different abilities and level of power but the same level of DPS. Apart from the special ability for every pet each family also has its unique talents. All pets have a higher or lower level of hai, Dodge Chance, hai, the speed of moving etc.

BfA Hunter Pets

BfA Changes to Hunter Pets

    • All pet families have an established specialty that can’t be changed. Every family that is pet will probably be Ferocity, Tenacity or Cunning.
    • Each 3 specializations will deal with the exact same damage and have exactly the exact same quantity of health and armor.
    • All specs include having Growl and Dash, and their proper basic assault attack (ClawBite, or Smack).
    • When you enter a dungeon,  Growl’s auto-cast is turned off to prevent pulling aggro from the tank (it is possible to turn it back on in the event that you need ). It has flipped back automatically if you leave the dungeon.
    • Avoidance  has been altered to also lower the range where opponents will aggro your furry friend by 6 yards. This should help with your pet pulling on mobs once you attempt to sneak by them.
    • Every family will have a minumum of one unique skill. There are 6 ability categories that each specialty has a minumum of one pet choice to every one of those skills dispersed among the households that are furry. For instance, Bats possess Sonic Blast and Spirit Beasts possess Spirit Shock. Both do the identical thing. All Exotic families have at least 2 passives.
    • Beast Mastery Hunters: if you would like a second pet –  as with Hati from Titanstrike in Legion – you will be delighted to know there’s a talent named Animal Companion that provides you a second pet choice.

BfA Hunter Pet Specializations


Tenacity pets BfA are made especially to help you in the most dangerous places of Battle for Azeroth which are dungeons or raids as they are great in battles with hard mechanics. Check their ability at Endurance Training and Survival of the Fittest.


Ferocity pets BfA are created to help in the battle where the personage gets a ticking kind of damage. They are a Primal Rage and Predator’s Thirst.


Cunning pets are useful for those hunters who play in PvP mode plus in the scenarios where you are slowed downed and rooted by the enemy. Use these pets for Pathfinding and Master’s Call.

New Pet Families in Battle for Azeroth 8.1

You will find a huge list of specialization of the BfA best hunter pets and their families plus information about their abilities. To make the long table short, all hunter pets have a talent to reduce damage for 50 and 60% with a cooldown. Dodge chance for 30%, reduction of movement speed, removing Enrage and Magic debuff, and Mortal wounds debuff.

Blood Beast

Specialization: Tenacity
Special Ability: Blood Bolt

The Blood Beast family includes Crawgs and Blood Ticks that are mostly found in the Nazmir zone. They are a special family that requires you to obtain a Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers to learn how to tame them. This tome drops from Zul, Reborn in the Uldir raid (on Normal difficulty or higher). Their special ability Blood Bolt is a snare with a 10 yard range (this is a little different from all other pet snares which are melee range). 

Pterrordax (Exotic)

Specialization: Cunning
Special Abilities: Ancient Hide and Updraft

Pterrordaxes is a fresh Exotic pet family. It can be found in Classic, Mists of Pandaria, and Battle for Azeroth zones.

Along with their harm reduction cooldown, they possess a capacity that is slowfall.

Krolusk (Exotic)

Specialization: Tenacity
Special Abilities: Bulwark and Calcified Carapace

New creature item was added in BfA and they have been given their own Exotic family. Their special exotic ability provides them super physical damage reduction.

Examples of tameable Krolusks


Specialization: Tenacity
Special Ability: Swarm of Flies

Requested toads are finally added. This includes the MoP style toads you will remember from the Timeless Isle and elsewhere on Pandaria and Draenor, and the new style of toad seen here. Their special ability gives them an extra dodge chance.

Hunter Pets Family List


Family Special Abilities
Bat Sonic Blast
Carrion Bird Bloody Screech
Cat Catlike Reflexes
Chimaera Exotic
Note: Rylaks have been merged into this family
Frost Breath
Froststorm Breath
Clefthoof Exotic Thick Hide
Blood of the Rhino
Core Hound Exotic Obsidian Skin
Molten Hide
Crocolisk Ankle Crack
Devilsaur Exotic Monstrous Bite
Gorilla Silverback
Nether Ray Nether Shock
Ravager Ravage
Scalehide  Scale Shield
Scorpid Deadly Sting
Spider Web Spray
Tallstrider Dust Cloud
Wasp Toxic Sting
Wind Serpent Winged Agility
Wolf Furious Bite


Family Special Abilities
Bear Thick Fur
Beetle Harden Carapace
Blood Beast Blood Bolt
Crab Pin
Crane Chi-Ji’s Tranquility
Direhorn Gore
Dragonhawk Dragon’s Guile
Feathermane Feather Flurry
Hydra Acid Bite
Krolusk  Bulwark
Calcified Carapace
Lizard Grievous Bite
Oxen Niuzao’s Fortitude
Quilen Eternal Guardian
Stone Armor
Riverbeast Gruesome Bite
Spirit Beast Spirit Mend
Spirit Shock
Spirit Walk
Stag Nature’s Grace
Toad Swarm of Flies
Turtle Shell Shield
Worm Acid Spit
Burrow Attack

Top best pets for Mythic+ Dungeons

If you are playing in Mythic+ mode you will find useful this short hunter pet guide made exactly for playing in dungeons.

Spirit Beast belongs to the Tenacity specialization. They are best WoW hunter pets to enter the dungeon. Spirit Beast has all the Tenacity pets abilities and some extra like Spirit Shock that removes 1 Magic and 1 Enrage effect. Spirit Mend for healing and cooldown.

Spirit Beast

Crane also belongs to Tenacity. It’s a master of Chi-Ji’s Tranquility that soothes the enemy, plus all the spec abilities.


Silithid is of Cunning spec. It’s extremely useful in raids and dungeons thanks to its ability to give extra damage, speed up the movement, in addition, to give max time in the battle with bosses.


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