BfA Healing Guide: WoW Healer Rankings

Are you starting to play in the new BfA patch and looking for a good and useful wow healing guide to improve your skills and knowledge? Yes, you are in the right place as this is a full healer review made especially for this kind of heroes based on the newest information from Blizzard and experienced players.

Top Healers BfA

First, who can be healers in WoW BfA? They are divided into classes of healing. Second, every healer has special, so-called iconic abilities and mastery. They are different for each class.

💎Proactive healing Restoration Druid and Discipline Priest are used before the damaged is dealt
💎Reactive healing Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin, Holy Priest, Restoration Shaman standard spells to heal the player or a group after the damage is done
💎Triage healing other very specific one as it’s in need when the player is close to death on a specific moment


WoW Healing Classes

 Restoration Druid 

Mistweaver Monk

Holy Paladin

Discipline Priest

Holy Priest

Restoration Shaman

The role of healers in BfA

Healer is a team player and it’s hard to exaggerate his role in the raid as he is the only one who is responsible for survival in its very first meaning – to keep health. He restores the health of other players in the raid using his special skills and spells. Every healing guide must put to the top the information about basic abilities which are applied by healers in the battle.

Types of Healing Spells

One more thing: take care of your healer because you need him up till the end of the encounter meaning when you see the boss dead laying on the ground. All spells the healer owns are of several kinds only.

💥Standard spells which work according to cast time meaning they start work only when the cast effect is complete.

💥AoE (Area of Effect spells) – work in a certain area and have a bunch of targets at once.

💥PBAoE (Player-Based Area of Effect spells) – the same AoE but this time they may be applied when the player moves and heals the players around him

💥Absorbs – such spells which put a debuff on the player that protects him from getting damage

💥HoTs (Heal over Time effects) – on contrary to AoE these spells work due to schedule, not area. The healer can use them pretty often depending on the tick rate

💥Pandemic – great helper for HoTs as by using an old magic it allows HoT spell to be prolonged up to 30%.

BfA Healers Rankings

Healer Leveling

It’s evident that the essential guide to healing can’t be complete without advice how to become the better or even the best healer. Based on this we define wow healers ranked choose the one who is, in our opinion, will work the best in a particular raid.

BfA best Healer

The simpler the better. This is all about being comfortable with the interface of the game. Get help from numerous addons made for healers exactly. We promise to extend this topic soon.

You must know the whole mechanics of the encounter including boss abilities to have a chance to predict some of his actions and possible damages the players from your raid may get.

Be fast with your decisions while other players may have the luxury of making steps slower.

Despite such an important role in the raid the healer is usually not a leader, he is an assistant. The best healers WoW know their duties in the group of players.

BfA Healing Addons

WoW addons for healers should be chosen by the same measure as others: the interface is on the top rank. Since healer is important for a raid to start learning available addon exactly with this mark – Raid frames.  That’s not a puzzle at all, just follow this advice.

Best Healing Addons

  1. A set of armor for the healer is pretty huge which means you need to see all of them on the screen. So, the bigger the frames are the better view you will get.
  2. Buffs/debuffs, defensives, indicators of range and all other abilities must be right in front of you.
  3. Make the frames as close to the healer as possible not to distract his attention from the scenario of the game.
  4. You can set all the frames in a way that every player is distinguished from each other: by the names or colors of class, for instance.

We strongly recommend taking a look at such Addons like:

  • WeakAuras
  • Grid
  • VuhDo
  • ElvUI
  • Healing Raid Cooldowns
  • Raeli’s Spell Announcer
  • HealBot
  • Healing Mana.

The guide how to heal

Depending on the class of healer you play you will use different spells and abilities. But our BfA healing guide is about to help to understand how it works in general – how to heal when the goal of your life as a player is to save your team and help it to survive. It’s usual for every healer to start working in the encounter when one of the players gets damage.

But do not forget about the proactive spell like Absorbs which is essential to prevent the damage. While healing others, keep in mind your Mana is the primal recourse of every single spell you have. As a result, you need it as much as possible. Now some particular steps how to heal.

Use Absorbs when you are Restoration Druid (learn everything about it in druid healing guide) or Discipline Priest.

Range spells according to the situation as some are more effective, others less depending on the moment you are at.

Avoid Overhealing as it’s a situation when the target was healthy and the healing was done for nothing.

Be ready to react fast for unpredicted damage the boss may deal.

Do not forget to heel yourself and check your Mana. Nobody will gain something when the healer is weak.

File your spells and abilities: when a player demands immediate help or die to use your power for his sake first while others can wait. When the damage is flow and smoothes you can use inexpensive and slow healing. 

BfA Healing Tank

WoW healers must be attentive to tanks as they are the only ones of all kinds of players who get damage that is kept during the whole battle. It does not matter if it’s one tank in the group or two, there must be a healer that will work with them only. Be careful and keep an eye on the tanks. They can be damaged at the same time which is the worst scenario as merely there is no time to heal both at once but if they get damage one by one you have an excellent chance to help both restore the balance in the game. The tank classes are not numerous and it’s not difficult to learn their mechanics. The benefits from that will be really rewarding.

Raid healing advice

WoW best healers are especially valued in raid healing. It means the healer must concentrate on all the players at once and be very fast with using his spells. The situation is much easier when there are 2 healers in the raid and they can start healing from different directions in order not to waste mana for the same objects. Or all the players can be divided into 2 groups and each healer is responsible for his group of players.

Cooldown Rotations

Cooldowns are always in the set of armor of every player. Healers can use this ability in the raid to help the whole group in the battle with the boss instead of only one player. Use cooldowns smart.

  • Each cooldown has the time of effect and the area it works on. Do not ignore this knowledge.
  • As powerful tool cooldowns can mitigate the damage got from the enemy.
  • Be careful using cooldowns only when you really need to apply it and not waste time and energy.

2 thoughts on “BfA Healing Guide: WoW Healer Rankings

  • January 21, 2019 at 6:14 pm

    From what I hear, Holy Paladin & Disc Priest are looking to be top tier for Mythic+ content. I think Resto Druid is another great pick, especially for raids.

    I really wanted to main Disc, but I just couldn’t get into the DPS to heal playstyle. It’s not because I think they are BAD, quite the opposite, but I feel that if I’m going to be DPS’ing, I’d rather play a DPS char. I don’t want to take the risk of leveling up a priest and regretting it later on. So I’m going to roll a Holy Pally and just straight focus on healing.

  • March 5, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    Priest is strong. Everybody is saying Resto druid performs fine. Mistweaver and I stick together.
    My advice – made trial boosted characters you want to try out, use your hearthstone to skip the intro, hit up a class trainer to enter proving grounds, or do some bgs, or whatever. Specs can alter and play without leveling attempt or squandering a personality increase.


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