BfA Frost Death Knight Leveling Guide – Battle for Azeroth

Welcome to our Frost Death Knight guide that contains all the changes available for this DK in Battle for Azeroth expansion. First, some basic information. The weapons Frost DK uses are maces, swords and axes. He knows magic, spells, Runes and uses different trinkets.

If you are thinking what type of DK to choose, Blood Death Knight vs Frost Death Knight, simply read all the strong sides of this class, add them to the list of new talents and abilities, so you will get an answer. let’s talk about the changes briefly but straight to the point.

Patch 8.0.1 Changes for Frost Death Knights

  • 6 abilities are removed and 6 are added.
  • the main new ability is Death Advance which is perfect for movement progress.
  • Wraith of Walk is not ability but a talent now.
  • get acquainted with 7 Azerite Traits + Frost Death Knight artifact – Frostwyrm’s Fury.
  • Pillar of Frost is 45-sec cooldown now.
  • Empower Rune Weapon replaces Hungering Rune Weapon you already know from the previous expansions.

Frost Death Knight Strengths & Weaknesses

Here you will find a long list of strengths that Frost DK has with some evident and hidden abilities.

  • ✔️Frost death knight bfa knows everything about Runes and their power – Runic Power that is a kind of Rage. In these terms, the power has an ability to decay when the battle is ended and never during you are fighting with the enemy. They are 2 resources for his power. In general, there are 6 runes, some are for free, others need fee. When you use 1 Rune you get 10 Runic Power.
  • ✔️Mastery of Frost DK – Frozen Heart enhances the Frost damage given by Knight for 16%.
  • ✔️Strong AoE damage.
  • ✔️Easy DK spec to learn as the rotation of Frost Death Knight talents, abilities and spells are the same for different difficulty mode.
  • ✔️When you get Frost Death Knight hidden artifact you get more artifact power.

Frost Death Knight weaknesses

  • ❌Low mobility.
  • ❌To gain max from DPS rotation this Knight must take lots of small decisions while the combat goes that does not save time and does not allow counting the steps ahead.

Death Knight Leveling Guide 55-120: Level by Level Rotation and Talents

To level us the Frost Knight you need to choose the talents you receive at each level of the game. You will find 3 Frost Death Knight talents BfA on every single level starting with 56. Your goal is to level up the hero as fast as possible. For Frost Death Knight leveling follow our recommendation of using this or that talent according to Tier.

  • Level 56 at Tier 1 – Cold Heart empowers you with Chains of Ice that gives + 10% oto Attack Power.
  • Level 57 at Tier 2 – Runic Attenuation generates 3 Runic Power.
  • Level 58 at Tier 3 – Death’s Reach enhances the power of Dead Grip.
  • Level 60 at Tier 4 – Frozen Pulse adds power to Frost damage to multiple targets.
  • Level 75 at Tier 5 – Wraith Walk is useful as it give extra 70% to movement.
  • Level 90 at Tier 6  – Gathering Storm increases damage for 10% that lasts for 0,5 sec. Frostwyrm’s Fury apart from other abilities it adds 300% to Power Attack.
  • Level 100 at Tier 7 – Breathe of Sindragosa is a strong mixture of off-hand and Attack Power.

Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities

Since Frost DK is good with attacking the single target and the multiple the rotation is created for them separately. You may find the same spells and talents in both but the priority of them is completely different. While Frost Death Knight rotation BfA for single target starts with Chains of Ice and Pillar Frost, then for multiple target combat necessary you should use Howling Heart and after it Frost Strike. However, there is a note: use Frostwyrm’s Fury together with Pillar Frost or set on Glacial Advance on cooldowns.

Frost DK has several cooldowns, each for certain case. It means you need to learn that kind of Frost Death Knight rotation as well. But you will see how easy it is right now.


 Frost Death Knight rotation

  1. Pillar of Frost is 45 sec cooldown. For huge benefits use it together with trinkets and potions
  2. Empower Rune Weapon is 2-minute cooldown with haste of 15%. Use it when Runes you own are on cooldown and the runic power is at low level. It’s the moment when Frost DK gives strong DPS damage to the target.
  3. Horn of Winter works not at every Tier talents. When you use it at Tier 2 you have a chance to cast it whenever you want unlimited times. Note: it must work in such mode only when there is no more spells from the rotation list is left.
  4. Breath of Sandragosa is another cooldown talent but it works together with Rune Weapon by empowering it.

Frost Death Knight stat priority

There is nothing more important than Frost Death Knight stat priority as it’s a measurement that helps to upgrade the hero with minimum loss. Follow this list of priority that helps to realize all powers of Frost DK.

  1. Strength is ultimate power number 1.
  2. Haste adds rate to Rune generation plus increases speed of attack.
  3. Critical Strike is used for max concentration to hit the abilities and spells of DK.
  4. Mastery – Frozen Heart, we talked about it above.
  5. Versatility – enhances damage given and healing, decrease damage the enemy gave to DK.
frost death knight

DPS Mythic+ Tips

As it’s sad before, Death Knight Frost talents are used in the same rotation for any kind of difficulty you play. Mythic+ is not an exclusion. The main here is to choose the utility priority by the strategy of the combat you have. We recommend to follow this list starting with the most powerful utility.

  • Death Grip helps to reach max of cleave damage for those targets which stand far from you.
  • Mind Freeze works as interrupt spell and helps the tanks in getting minimum damage.
  • Anti-Magic Shell with help of magic power it generates Rune Power.
  • Wraith Walk is incredibly important as it’s the only utility to increase speed up to 70%.
  • Dark Succor appears in the table as available each time you destroy the target and allows using Death Strike.
  • Death Pact gives 50% to max health.

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