BfA fishing: best WoW fishing leveling guide

What is fishing and why we pay attention to it? Sure, if you have gone through Legion and reached Battle for Azeroth, you do not need any more explanation. 

For all others, we give this BfA fishing guide to make clear this option and all the advantages you get with WoW fishing guide and especially the fishing achievements WoW. To fish means to update your personage and your game in WoW Battle for Azeroth. It’s another way to fishing leveling, a pretty simple way we must add.BfA fishing: best fishing guide bfa - swtorpowerleveling

What you have to know is what fish to look for and why meaning what achievements it will bring you. For that investigate the BfA fishing map which not significant as it consists of two continents only. So, all the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans are there for you to be a great fisherman using your professional recipes and skills. Let’s go more in-depth to be able to catch that fish!

What is new in BFA Fishing?

Since most parts of fishing were established in Legion expansion the new Battle for Azeroth does not introduce so many changes. What we’ve learned is that BFA fishing is pretty simple even for those players who are new in WoW. Everything is divided by categories so that you always know what to look for and the main – where. The main new thing in fishing BfA is zones. You are aware already that both, Alliance and Horde, have new territory which automatically means new zones for BfA fishing. Let’s go to Kul Tiras and Zanadalar continent to find out how to unlock fishing and what kind of fish it’s there waiting for us.

Types of Fish

The table below shows all fish located in Battle for Azeroth, record each fish, the zone(s) they could be captured inside their approximate rarity, their approximate catch speed, and when they may be located in pools. All fish are employed in crafting careers cooking.


Fish Area Rarity Rarity % Pools?
Great Sea Catfish Inland Common 50% Yes
Redtail Loach Inland Common 50% Yes
Slimy Mackerel Coastal Common 50% Yes
Sand Shifter Coastal Common 50% Yes
Midnight Salmon Any Rare 2-5% No

Kul Tiras

Fish Area Rarity Rarity % Pools?
Great Sea Catfish Inland Common 50% Yes
Tiragarde Perch Inland Common 50% Yes
Lane Snapper Coastal Common 50% Yes
Frenzied Fangtooth Coastal Common 50% Yes
Midnight Salmon Any Rare 2-5% No

Unlocking BfA fishing locations: for Horde and Alliance

Learning BfA Fishing: hai is for Alliance and hai is the Horde place.

  • If you play for Horde go to Dazar’alor which is a palace of King Rastakhan right in the center of Zandalar’s capital city. Meet hai to unlock fishing in BFA.
  • For players of Alliance, visit Tiragarde sound which is also in the center of the continent and speaks to hai, another BFA trainer. Now your activity starts.

It does not matter what faction you play for all fish for you belong to 2 types – coastal and inland. You may think that it’s a little challenging to find those which are inland as you have to check the rivers and lakes on the continents. Instead, the coastal fish are more accessible to catch. But it’s not like that. Fishing in Battle for Azeroth has the quite clear difference from the previous expansion – its simplicity.

There are only 150 levels for both continents to complete, instead of 800 like in previous expansion. We recommend learning all BfA professions guide where you can find the changes in the new patch.

How to boost your character while fishing or BfA fishing leveling

You will quickly level up your fishing as there are only two places where fish increase your levels – the new zones on both continents we’ve mentioned. Look for best fish spots BFA at Zandalar for Horde and Kul Tiras for Alliance faction. It means leveling goes pretty fast.BfA fishing: best fishing guide bfa - swtorpowerleveling

Find only one BfA fishing mount named Great Sea Ray which is a kind of Darkwater Skate. You can fish it around both zones in open water, not inland, no matter what faction you play for. You do not need to have any specific professional skills for that. This mount has can increase your swimming speed by up to 300%.

BfA fishing achievements

Take a look at the new achievements in WoW BFA fishing. The list is short though exciting and you will not want to lose a chance to get acquainted with it right now as it’s the real way to level you up. In this list, you will find not only the name of new achievements but also the skills they require.

BfA Fishing Mounts

Now, there is only one fishing mount in Battle for Azeroth: Great Sea Ray, which seems to have a catch rate of 0.5% in any coastal waters. The mount is a recolor of the Darkmoon Faire’s Darkwater Skate. In the beta, the mount is not bound on pickup, which means you can post it in the auction house or trade to other players. But, it is really unique, so you can not have multiple in your inventory. The catch rate seems low, but obtaining a stack of fish, on average, should be enough for most people to catch the mount. 

4 thoughts on “BfA fishing: best WoW fishing leveling guide

  • October 19, 2018 at 3:01 pm

    Don’t know if you missed this in BfA fishing or not but Midnight Salmon also seem to have a higher rate of catch from any pool than they do in open waters. They may not have specific pools but higher rate from any other pool works for me.

  • October 23, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    I just want to ask: what use is the fishing skill numbers now?

    I mean, what benefit does higher fishing skill confer? For examplee, what will a 150 skill in Kul’tiran fishing do that is better than 1 skill? From what I can see, it’s not like it used to be where zones or certain areas are locked away until you reach a specific skill level…

    • November 14, 2018 at 6:28 pm

      You will catch less grey items in open waters. Beyond that, there does not seem to be a benefit. With all of my buffs, I have 148 and I will still get grays fishing in open water.

  • November 7, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    I came here looking just for this info, so I think it would be nice to have it in the guide. I noticed that using shiny baubles or any other + fishing skill item apparently did not have any effect.


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