When do mythic dungeons come out in bfa

The new WoW expansion was released to us. However, not everything will be available to the players immediately. One of the most intriguing and pretty huge part of the patch – bfa dungeons – are going to be represented not earlier than on 4th of September. Why do we call it huge?

Because there are 10 dungeons on both new continents which will be opened in Battle for Azeroth – Kul Tiras and Zandalar. Interested in getting to know as much as possible about them and prepare your armor and weapon? Let’s get started!

New to Battle for Azeroth Mythic+

wow new patch dungeons

BFA dungeons list contain 10 names, each with bosses, different levels, and  BFA dungeons loot. You can immediately imagine no difficulty in unlocking them as the number is really impressive. You may also think that you do not need to open them all. But you will be absolutely wrong. In BFA dungeons have reached their perfection in terms of armor, loot, even strategy guides. Each dungeon is available in all known modes – Normal, Heroic, Mythic and Mythic+. But only two of them will open their entrance at Mythic+ level only. One of them is located at Alliance territory and it’s Siege of Boralus, another one is at Horde continent – the mysterious King’s Rest.

To enter the WoW BFA dungeons at Mythic+ be sure you have reached level 120. Bear in mind, as soon as you reach level 120 which is max, all dungeons will be available for you at once.

We’ve gathered all the new innovations made for dungeons of Battle for Azeroth to help you in getting ready for the expansion.

  • Keystone. Keystones have different levels, 10+. On each you will face bosses – Tyrannical and their henchmen like Infested and Fortified. They all have extra % pf health and increased damage plus Infested have Simbiote of Gh’uun meaning they have an ability to force others to use the Regenerative blood on allies within 8 yards.
  • You get Azerite Armor from the weekly Challenge’s Chest, not from Mythic+. The Challenges consist of up to 3 random items.
  • Mythic+ does not give you Gear Swaps.
  • Changes in Affixes: Fel Explosive has become simply Explosive with green instead of red color, Druids (Sooth) and Hunters (Spirit Shock) have an ability to remove Enrage, Necrotic Rot has got new – 2% a stack, and Grievous Wound – 1,3% with stacking effect.

Dungeon Basics

The difficulty of BFA dungeons WoW defines by levels. The higher level is the more difficult mode you are at. So, Normal requires 110, Heroic, Mythic and Mythic+ level 120.

The number of BFA dungeons is 10. You will find at Kul Tiras and Zandalar islands. They are Atal’Dazar, King’s Rest, Temple of Sethraliss, Freehold, Tol Dagor, Shrine of the Storm, Waycrest Manor, the Underrot, the Motherlode, Siege of Boralus.

Each ilvl gives you rewards and their value depends on the mode. Heroic mode gives 325 of ilvl. Mythic – 340.

As you understand, not all dungeons will be available at once. However, once reaching max level you are free to enter the dungeons not only of you clan but the rival as well. It means, if you play for Alliance and have already opened all dungeons while your level is 120 you can get access to all Horde dungeons. And the opposite.

Are you curious about BFA dungeons locations? We will give you a tip for the most wanted ones. Siege of Boralus is an Alliance’ Mythic+ dungeon is located in Tiragarde sound zone in the very heart of the continent. King’s rest is at Horde’ territory – right in the capital Zulzadar.

horde dungeon bfa

BfA dungeons list

You have got the basic information about all dungeons right now. Let’s take an overview of the Alliance dungeons BFA first.

Waycrest Manor review

Waycrest Manor dungeon is located in Drustvar zone. It’s a dark kingdom where Drustvar dynasty has rules long time ago. Since then, actually, the Lord and his Lady are locked in the dungeon by their own will in order to make dark rituals.

You will meet several bosses here. Brothers and sisters created Heartsbane Triad use a special diaphragm that must help in raising their power. Soulbound Goliath is the beast that has swallowed the souls of Kul Tiras people which are screaming inside him now. Raal The Gluttonous has been a royal chef some time ago though now he prefers too many exotic meals – his own parts. Lord and Lady Waycrest – their souls are wounded by the Lord’s bad sickness and they ask for help at Gorak Tul who was a soldier in Drustvar empire a couple of millennia ago though prisoned, sure because of injustice.

Shrine of the Storm description

One of WoW BFA forced dungeons, it’s located right in the most prosperous part of the continent, in recent times. It was known for a powerful fleet which is now disabled by dark power.

Meet 4 bosses here. Aqu´sirr is a creature whose help is in need to dismiss all the attempts to attach the shrine. Tidesage Counsil is not one but 2 bosses in one: these pirates wished to be masters of the ocean and not allow the fleet to reborn. Lord Stormsong is a two-faced personage. Vol´zith the Whisperer is going to ruin the happy life of tidesages.

Siege of Boralus review

WoW Dungeon: siegre of boralus

Remind that this dungeon is the most difficult – Mythic+ mode. The bosses you will fight with are: Chopper Redhook who wishes to grow his power using chaos, Sergeant Bainbridge – an officer who believes in power of weapon only and does not accept any weaknesses at all, Hadal Darkfathom is a beast from the ocean whose main goal is to reveal his range onto the habitants of Kul Tiras, and Viq’Goth who is able to run the whole fleet by himself only.

Freehold overview

Freehold dungeon is a cradle of all kinds of pirates you can ever meet here. See the bosses and win over them: Skycap´n Kragg the Orc, Council o´Captains who most of all desire to ruin the city, Ring of Booty is not a boss itself but a real tournament against Orc, Harlan Sweete – the famous captain, a favor of lady Ashvane

Tol Dagor guide

Tol Dagor is a prison in Tiragarde Sound. Do not wait anything nice here at all. The bosses are The sand Queen – a creature that lives under the sand, Jes Howlis is a pirate and a head of the local big band, Knight Captain Valyri, a lady, who uses the whole arsenal she guards to fight, and finally, Overseer Korgus, the most powerful boss of all, he uses the arsenal plus cannons which are kept in the prison.

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