BfA Arcane Mage DPS Guide – Battle for Azeroth 8.1

We introduce you now our full Arcane mage guide with all the significant information needed for every player who is interested in this spec of Mage class. Basic characteristics of Arcane Mage are ranged DPS, extremely high level of burst damage and AoE.  This new WOW Arcane Mage has got so many changes in talents and abilities which make him excellent for any fight, both one or multiple enemies encounters. Arcane Mage hidden artifact – Mark of Aluneth – is removed now and we are eagerly waiting for new word from Blizzard.

The fact of wide array of talents tell us to be attentive to Arcane Mage stats and rotation of all abilities. learn how to use at best strengths of this Mage and avoid weaknesses by using special Utility and working about your stat priority.

Arcane Mage intro: stat priority

Here is the most important information for every Mage. Arcane Mage stat priority differs from other classes because of the specific scenario of the game style. Read more about this below in rotation block. Arcane Mage stat priority BfA has a preferable order though you are free to change it due to the goals you have right now for the missions and the battles.

  1. Whatever goal you have and the path you choose always take haias primary stat for your Mage. You need intellect because if 2 reasons: it gives you Spell Power thanked to which you cast spells of more damage power.
  2. Critical Strike works as usual giving you a chance to use active talents and spells in a critical way.
  3. Haste gives more speed to the spells and at the same time it decreases the Arcane Barrage cooldowns.
  4. hai is Savant works for the resources of his power – Mana regeneration and Mana Pool. Arcane Charge gets max power in spells with mastery while damage of every Arcane Charge increases.
  5. Versatility has the same meaning as for any other class: reduces the damage taken from the enemy and increases the damage given to the enemy.

The perfect starting point for the newest 120 Arcane Mages will be:
Mastery >= Critical Strike > Versatility >= Haste

Strengths & Weaknesses

Arcane Mage stat priority PvE can’t work perfectly before you know all the advantages and strong sides of Mage. Bear in mind such strengths:

✔Strong burst damage for single target and for multiple targets.

✔Long and short mobility of different talents.

✔Ability to build burst laps + short cooldowns.

✔Strong AoE.

Stay away from the traps you may be caught playing for Arcane Mage. It happens when you do not consider the weaknesses he has. They are like this:

❌Encounters with 2 targets are not the best to win.

❌It takes time after cooldowns for Mage to give another damage.

Changes in new patch 8.1

Blizzard gave us many changes for Arcane Mage, looks like they are much more numerous than for most other classes. There is no chance to describe them all in one article but we’ve chosen the most important you can’t ignore if you wish to win in every single battle.

  • Meet new Arcane Mage talents: hai, hai, hai, hai.
  • A range of abilities is added with hai, hai, hai
  • Arcane Mage artifact is removed.
  • Abilities on Global Cooldowns now: hai, Charged up.
  • Changes for Arcane Explosion: no fee to use it, no much amount of Mana taken while casting it several times during the battle, not more damage taken from Arcane Charge plus it makes hai 20% faster.
  • Changes for hai: can be casted without procs, Arcane Charge does not give it extra damage.
  • Changes for hai talent: Arcane Missiles deals more damage by shooting extra missiles in cooperation with Clearcasting and no longer needs help of Arcane Missiles provided with Arcane Charges.
  • Changes for hai: allows Mage giving 40% damage to the closest target.
  • Changes for hai: gets extra speed based on the amount of Arcane Charge.
  • Changes for hai: activates when Arcane Missiles are learcasting.

Recommended talents for different classes and their peculiarities

Arcane Mage talents table is impressive. On each new level you will find new talents. Check this list to decide which ones you need immediately and which talents are not necessary to master in the near future. This class starts with level 15 on Tier 1.

  • Level 15 – choose hai and hai.
  • Level 30 hai, hai.
  • Level 45hai, hai.
  • Level 60 – Charged Up.
  • Level 75hai.
  • Level 90hai.
  • Level 100hai and hai.

WoW Arcane Mage talents can be changed any time between the battles. It’s possible thanks to such abilities like  Tome of the Tranquil Mind or Codex oi the Tranquil Mind.

Azerite traits and armor

Arcane Mage BfA does not have special Azerite traits which are able to change his game style. Despite the huge number of traits, you should always make a smart choice: get the one that has atl east 15+ value comparing to another one. You will see the same three rings of the necklace like any other class in BfA where each ring consists of different traits according to the value of each ring from the lowest one: outer, middle and inner ring. Depending on the traits you have and you are going to achieve choose the armor.

Single Target Azerite Traits Simulations for Arcane Mage

Outer Ring Trait Simulations for Arcane Mage on Single Target

Outer Ring Trait Simulations for Arcane Mage on Single Target

Middle Ring Trait Comparisons for Arcane Mage on Single Target

Middle Ring Trait Comparisons for Arcane Mage on Single Target

Arcane mage rotation

There are several stages or phases in every encounter Arcane Mage takes part in. Knowing them you are fully armed to choose smart Arcane Mage rotation in order to use the best talents at proper moments. Whatever happens in the encounter at the first phase that is called Converse Phase, keep your Mana high and stable. The next, Burn Phase, starts with cooldowns: it’s time when Mana becomes a strong damage for the enemy. After this phase your Mana will be recouped again and the first phase will start. Based on your stat priority Arcane Mage use such rotation one by one.

  • AoE
  • Rune of Power
  • Overpowered
  • Rule of Three
  • Charged Up
  • Arcane Orb
  • Nether tempest
  • Mirror Image
  • Amplification
  • Supernova

Mythic+ mode

The rotation of talents and abilities does not depend on the difficulty. Arcane Mage DPS class uses the same rotation but also adds some Utility.

  • Arcane Intellect  works as extra healing tool for healer and for another DPS caster in the team.
  • Time Warp is important cooldown especially for Mythic+.
  • Remove Curse is good against spells of enemy in dungeons.
  • Spellsteal works in dungeons as removal of buffs the enemies have.
  • Polymorph is a kind of crowd-control.

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    Mages have not been nerfed – Frost aggressive in raiding and is among the courses for M +. Arcane is at an odd place right now although its numbers are okay but automatically it is lacking. Its numbers are somewhat low, although fire is the same as Legion.


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