BfA addons guide: overview of WoW addon

If you’ve already started to play the new WoW expansion – Battle for Azeroth – and sank into details, you definitely know how diverse the map of quests is, how many abilities and new talents the heroes may get and the main – the mission of the game for the Alliance and for the Horde. Are you ready to be a regular gamer and gain every loot step by step? How about using special BFA addons which are made to help you in improving the heroes and reach the certain level much faster? A list of addons is pretty long but we are going to give you a short guide of most wanted and most useful to upgrade your levels faster.

Can addons be used in BFA?

The answer is simple and easy – addons that work in WoW BFA are absolutely necessary. What you have to do is to install the panel of the chosen addon to the game and immediately use its advantages. Addons for BFA are made with one important goal: they make your game more effective, concentrated and faster. You can install several addons and choose among them the ones which correspond perfectly to the situation you are in when it’s about a certain dungeon, raid or any other kind of quest. We will list down below all the features you get with most popular BFA working addons.

best wow addons

Are addons allowed in BFA?

For those gamers who want to reach the main goal, be successful in quests, gain as more of Azerite as possible and finally to fulfill the mission the question “Are addons allowed in BFA” is beyond discussion. One of the main features of any kind of addons is to make the game more colorful, exciting, perfect in graphics and add more features to the game. Addons currently working BFA are divided into addons for PvE and PvP modes. Let’s take a look at the most interesting ones.

Types of Addons

Each of WoW BFA  addons belongs to its class. They are made for warriors, classes, castbars, tanks, interface and unit frame, professions, raids etc. Our best BFA addons list includes the useful, interface and background modes for PvE.

Useful add-ons

  • All things belong to those BFA addons that work for you every moment of the game. It show the list of everything you lack right now: achievements, pets, abilities, recipe, and all other things needed to reach the next goal faster. While moving from one quest to another one this addon will always remind you what you miss on this current level.
  • Pawn is useful if you wish to save your time and avoid mistakes as this addon shows current statistics for a chosen spec.
  • Handy Notes makes the search of treasures which include pets, toys, mounts and another simple.
  • WIM (WoW Instant Messenger) keeps your dialogues with other players in order being opened in a separate window.
  • OmniBar is a cool addon that let you know your enemies’ cooldown and their readiness.

Background addons

  • Blizz move is an extremely useful addon that allows the gamer to switch from one UI window to another. according to the goal. Besides, with its help you can put the control key on hold and use the mouse to enlarge or diminish the window.
  • Scarp helps to get rid of junks as soon as they appear.
  • Auto loot plus is an addon that keeps your eye on the loot when it’s on the horizon. You may notice already that very often the icon of the loot usually is beyond the attention while we are playing the quest.

Interface Addons

addon type: interface addons

  • Angry Keystone is one of the BFA addons must have due to its main role – manage the game on a Mythic level.
  • Personal loot helper: as loot in BFA has got another mode – only personal, this addon helps with regular guilds. It shows where to look the loot during a certain quest and how exactly to get it.
  • Sexy Map is the best addon to bring changes for mini map. It can change it color, size and add a number of features to make it more comfortable for the eyes.
  • VuhDo belongs to one of the most useful addons in BFA as it helps with raids, especially for healers. However, all other classes will find it necessary. It looks like a line of bars that help to work with different functions just by one click.

Raider IO is an addon needed for mythic plus mode. It helps you to find gamers to make a team in order to run the raids. It reflects the statistics of raids running by the points.