Best healer in WoW: Discipline Priest guide for BFA

Discipline Priest guide BFA

Battle for Azeroth represents several classes of Priests. You will find Holy Priest who believes that the Power of Light must be used only to heal the injured heroes and their allies. All Holy Priests use the Power of Light, Discipline Priests do not rely on it that much as long as Shadow Priests.

Holy Priests heal heroes in individual and group way plus bring to life from the grave. Discipline Priests not only heal injuries but also defend the allies with help of their shield and strong believe in Light. Shadow Priests know everything about Shadow magic that they use to destroy enemies. But it does not matter what class the Priest belong when it’s about the most important persuasion – belief in the source of their spiritual power. Depending on the source, all Priests are divided into classes, thus, have talents and abilities. Today we are going to give you a basic Discipline Priest guide with his most effective talents to help you in BFA.

Priests talents

Let’s start with the most intriguing, the talents which help must be extremely useful on the field of the battle. The number of talents is absolutely impressive, so we’ve chosen only those ones which we consider to use most of all. Castigation is a talent that includes 4 charges for a Discipline Priests, level 15. While the so called confession lasts it sends extra Holy Light to the target.

Priest BFA

Angelic Feather has 3 charges. It is available for Holy and Discipline Priests. It speeds up the allies’ movement for 40% and lasts for 5 seconds. Shield Discipline is our priority talent. With its help the heroes accumulate the most possible amount of mana ever.

Shining Force works like that: we create a flash of light that covers the allies within 40 yards and makes the enemies move 70% slower. Contrition allows healing for 12% of damage from the Spell Power. To use it the Discipline Priest makes a Penance and while the allies are under the Atonement the healing process continues. Halo is an impressive fast way to heal the allies with 110% and bring the damage to the enemies with the same 110%. How does it work? The Priest creates a ring of Holy energy that works within 30 yards. The cooldown duration is 40 seconds.
Evangelism is used to enhance the power of all Atonements you apply for 6 seconds.

Discipline Priest changes

The main characteristics for the Discipline Priest that are added in the WoW Battle for Azeroth have changed a little since we’ve played them in Legion. Sins of the Many is the main ability of the Priest as it increases the damage level to 12%. It works for every ally who is in the circle of your Atonement. Rapture provides the Power Word: Shield for no cooldown during 10 seconds. Besides, it absorbs extra 200%. It helps to be more effective and fast.

Contrition intensifies the power of Atonement for everyone you put it on up to 12% while the holy power of Penance works. Luminous Barrier decreases the damage that all allies receive within 40 yards. The duration is 10 seconds. Twist of Fate gives you an increasing of damage to the enemies, healing up to 15% and healing of 35% health during 10 seconds.

Discipline Priest BFA


Rotation is the key to a successful result of any battle where Discipline priest takes part. The faster you react to the enemies’ strikes the higher your chances for a victory is. We suggest you  keeping in mind these important talents that Priest has and rotate them according to the situation. The power of Atonement is prevailing

Power Word: Shield is the working talent that gives you benefits. Use it as often as possible as it increases your movement to the  target up to 40% plus decrease the damage. It lasts for 3 seconds and may be repeated every 6 seconds by every hero of the raid. Shadow Mend allows emergent healing and use Atonement while you heal the target.
Power Word: Radiance heals 5 players at once plus spread the Atonement on 5 players. But it works only 60% of usual duration – 15 seconds. It’s perfect for a group healing and for Atonement against AoE damage from the enemies. Its power is on the tops in raids.

Use damaging spells

Shadow Word: Pain includes such damage element like DD that deals damage for all enemies in small amount in instant mode and gives a bigger loss if continues for 18 seconds. You can spread the Atonement before the incoming damage and use it for as many targets as you wish. Smite is used for healing as it works while other attacks, more powerful, are at cooldown. Cast it also to damage the enemy. Penance channels 3 Bolt of Damages: castigation, Holy damage plus healing abilities for all allies during 2 seconds. You can cast it non-stop, not available only when Shapeshifted is active, perfect on cooldown. It can be used in offensive and defensive ways. Holy Nova is useful for big poles as it creates a burst of light that deals Holy damage to all enemies – 20,5% plus healing for injured allies for 12 seconds.

Shadowfiend deals a Shadow Damage for 12 seconds, it’s ruled and guarded by a pet.