Battle for Dazar’alor raid guide and loot info: best wow review

December 11 is pretty close which means it’s exactly the moment to learn everything about the Battle for Dazar’alor raid, the first opened raid in patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance. We’ve prepared a complete guide for you to be fully armed for a meeting with 9(!) bosses, get those rewards, tame new pets and mounts plus master the new Dazar’alor transmog weapon and armor. Warning: you may get blind with those brilliant graphics made for the raid. This journey is going to be full of surprises and a bit overcrowded as you will need real help to win!

Strategy of the raid: Alliance and horde roles

The question you wish to get the answer for is how to get to Dazar’alor? Let’s move straight to Horde territory, the new continent introduced in Battle for Azeroth. Somewhere close to the capital city Zuldazar. This raid is unique in everything. Two factions which have been enemies since ancient times finally have a chance to get a massive encounter against each other.

Strategy of the raid: Alliance and horde roles

So, Alliance makes the attack when Horde does its best to defeat its territory. If you belong to Alliance Army you will find yourself in the ports, near the docks, from where your adventure will start. Then you will move slowly to the pyramids in the center of Zandalar.

Horde starts from the opposite side and moves toward the south of their continent trying to push back the Alliance and prevent it from taking the High Seat and lock the army in port. Both factions will have hot combats with 9 bosses each in Battle for Dazar’alor.

Horde Bosses

Horde path to the victory includes bosses:

Champion of Light.

Stormwall Blockade.

Flamefist and the Illuminated.

King Grong.

High Tinker Mekkatorque.

Jaina Proudmoore.

Alliance Bosses

Alliance Army is going to meet with these enemies:

🌀Champion of the Light.

🌀Treasure Guardian.

🌀Conclave of the Chosen.

🌀Grong the Revenant.

🌀Grimfang and Firecaller.

🌀King Rastakhan.

As you see some names are the same in both tables which means that the mechanics of the bosses are pretty similar. The order of the encounters is not exact which is not principal.

Dazar’alor Raid Rewards: mounts and pets descriptions

9 bosses in WoW Dazar’alor automatically means 9 chests with rewards. Here is a list of those treasures we are aware of already.

New mounts:

  • G.M.O.D that is from goblin world. You can get it after the battle with High Tinker Mekkatorque.


  • Glacial Tidestorm is available in Mythic mode when Horde wins over Jaina Proudmoore.

Glacial Tidestorm

  • Dazar’alor Windreaver is a mystical beast, is a part of achievement Glory of the Dazar’alor Raider.

Dazar'alor Windreave

New pets:

  • Child of Pa’ku.
  • Spawn of Krag’wa.
  • Thunder Lizard Runt.

Newest updates

  •  Fogbreaker, Light of the Sea: Lessens the effects of Howling Winds while battling Lady Jaina Proudmoore.
  •  Lord Admiral’s Signet and  Daelin Proudmoore’s Saber, drops from Jaina, are now part of a two-piece set, Keepsakes of the Resolute Commandant. Your auto attacks are tinged with the rime of the high seas, dealing 220 Frost damage to your target and reducing their movement speed by 10% for 4 sec.
  •  Twin-Pipe Buster Cannon: Your attacks have a chance to fire a Buster Shot dealing 3552 Nature damage.
  •  High Tinker’s Cape: Increases your Kul Tiran or Zandalari Engineering by 5.
  •  Mech-Jockey Grips: You move 20% faster while piloting a mount created by an Engineer. This does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects.
  •  Seal of the Zandalari Empire and  Loa Exultant’s Shroud form the set Gift of the Loa, Your primary stat is increased by 150 while you are in Zuldazar.
  •  Crest of Pa’ku: Besides the usual trinket effect, this item will also port you to a Totem of Paku.
  •  Boots of the Gilded Path: Looting gold increases your movement speed by 30% for 6 sec.

How to defeat the boss strategy: both alliance and horde

That is not an easy task to get acquainted with all 9 Dazar’alor raid bosses in one guide. But you will get a great idea of what you expect in the scenario of every battle now.

Champion of the light

This is the name for the same boss known as Frida Ironbellows and Ra’wani Kanae depending on the faction you play for. The mechanics of the boss is not difficult. The source of power is seals which boss uses to empower her army. Keep an eye closely at her energy rate: once it’s 100% the seals will give their magic power to your enemies. She deals melee attack with Sacred Blade and Divine protection as the main spells.

King Grong/ Grong the Revenent

One stage, one room for an encounter. Boss is expert in dealing Shadow and Nature Damage, Reverberating Slam for Physical damage, Ferocious Roar to scream and frighten the enemy till death. Stay away from Flying Ape Wranglers which set the Megatomic Fire. Another thing is Apetagonizer 3000 that gives extra points to boss’s rage.

Jadefire Masters (Ma’ra and Anathos Firecaller)

Ma’ra Grimfang is a Monk who knows perfectly the power of earth, Storm and Fire. Anathos Firecaller is a Mage, expert in the fire. You can do whatever you want with them but once their power reaches 100 (together) they transform into the Jade Serpent and a Phoenix. Now they use Dragon’s Breath that burns everyone with 20 Fire Damage every second for 2 seconds.


Wish to get the chest of treasure that belonged to King Dazar? This is all about jewels and gold. Boss is for Horde as here it must use the power of Zandalari Crown Jewels. Each gem has its role and power: Diamond of the Unshakeable Protector, Tailwind Sapphire, Amethyst of the Shadow King, Ruby of Focused Animus and finally Topaz of Brilliant Sunlight, Emerald of Earthen Roots together with Opal of Unleashed Rage. There will be two stages, also available in Mythic mode with special abilities.

How to defeat the boss strategy in dazar'alor

Conclave of the chosen

Meet the Loa and his assistants called aspects. They will attack you like crazy and each time when you will kill one of them another aspect will restore its health. Find the way to kill them all otherwise the battle will be eternal.

High Tinker Mekkatorque

Here is a chance for you to discover all those wonders of enginery and new weapons that trolls and goblins have invented. Gnomish Force Shield is made exactly to disable the enemies. The combat is not easy as there will be 3 stages where you will fight with Electronic Strikes, Wormhole Generator: teleport, blast and many other weapons.

Stormwall Blockade

On contrary to the previous boss, armed with iron and technique, this one communicated with tidepriests Kathrine and Joseph, Kul Tiran humans, and its power is in water. They know the rituals of calling on the storm to organize a blockade of the enemy.

King Rastakhan

Having so many servants the King simply will not allow you feeling comfortable while attacking him. The Loa will give him his power and will take you all the realm where the battle will get its finish.

Lady Jaina

Sure, she also is not alone. The fleet, the marines and corsairs are there behind her back. Three stages where you should do your best to resist the freezing spells of this boss.

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