Archaeology in Battle for Azeroth 8.1

Definitely, you’ve heard of BfA Archaeology as one of the available professions in the game but it’s not easy to understand what it is exactly and what for you need it. No worries as our BfA Archaeology guide is made especially for those who want to get this skill and who like to have fun in the game not only concentrating on loot and the encounter with the enemy. Let’s start this fantastic but short journey not to bore you till death but making everything clear in a moment.

What you must know about Archaeology in BfA is it’s a secondary profession which means no obligation to choose it. It’s a way to be involved into new adventures and projects for which you get certain loot and rewards.

Types of solves

Our first point to start with is the solves. Archaeology WoW BfA has 2 kinds of solves depending on the continent you will find them at. Each solve is total cap 200 and includes 3 rares along with common projects. hai hides such rares:

  • hai – 10 min cooldown dance of the witch.
  • hai: a land of drust people who know everything about trapping their souls in different objects around.
  • hai is a huge power that slow the attack and casting of the enemy.
Pile of Bones
Pile of Bones

BfA Archaeology rares in hai:

  • hai is a tool to start off the toads’ plague.
  • hai carried information about special species at the continent.
  • hai helps to get off the health from the enemy.

You will learn down below why you need those fragments at all and what their role in the game is.

Location digsites

Dig site is a spot on the map that brings BfA Archaeology rewards. They are diverse and numerous, both fragments and rewards. So, where to look for them at all? Take a look at the map: there are 9 continents available with digsites but you can reach them one by one depending on the level your character has. They are Kalimdor, Outland, Eastern Kingdom, Pandaria, Northrend, Draenor, Kul Tiras, Zandalar and Broken Isle. Not each of them includes BfA Archaeology rares which are the most wanted in terms of loots and leveling up.


The higher level you have in WoW Archaeology BfA the more zones to dig in you see and thus the more chances to get rewards you receive Each zone hides 6 containers with up to 10 fragments each. Your goal is to find them all and complete the project. Once you are done with it leave this zone as it’s exhausted already, move one and come back when the new project is available.

Survey and Fragments

Where to learn BfA professions and how to find the fragments? That’s a real and interesting quest with many prompts. You have a Survey on the screen that shows you the location of each fragment. depending on the distance to the fragment the Survey has a color indicator:

  • Red color – you need to cover no less than 70 yards to the spot. Use your BfA Archaeology mount to reach it quackly.
  • Yellow color means there are 30-70 yards between you and the fragment.
  • Green color – less than 30 yards.

You know the number of containers on each digsite plus you know the number of fragments. What you need is to count your steps in order to save time and energy but to get the loot which is usually a valuable experience. This experience is not the same for everyone but its amount is based in the rested level the character has and heirloom items. To ease the task of searching the fragments Blizzard suggest a special window on the screen where you see the number of fragments you gained and the number left.

Leveling Archaeology

Fragments matter when it’s about leveling like any other of WoW professions BfA: the more fragments you get the more artifacts you gain and the higher level you reach. On cde you complete the projects talk to the BfA Archaeology trainer: Examiner Alerinda for Horde and Jade Hudson for Alliance. Look them up in  Boralus and Daz’aralor. In terms of experience and intensity of events Archeology belongs to the best professions BfA – that is why it’s so important for the character to get all the skills meaning to level up. There are some things to keep in mind when you wish to get the highest level faster.

  1. Count the points as you get a certain number of them for each action. +1 for simply to find the fragments, +10 for solving the common project, +15 for rare projects.
  2. Another thing is experience points. You understand it better when you start playing and finding the fragments: the more experience you have the higher level you get.
  3. Power-leveling is about quantity but not the quality as you must forget about rares and concentrate on common projects. They help ut upgrade to a certain level. To be more efficient on this path do not use the keystones and fragments you’ve gathered before. Simply wait and save them till later scenarios. This way of leveling up helps to reach 525 level.
  4. Leveling with rares is a little more complicated mission but yet possible. It’s evident that rares bring more experience of different quality. There are 3 skill bars for this way of leveling.

Archaeology Changes in Battle for Azeroth 8.1

Since Archeology belongs to WoW BfA professions which became available in the previous expansion we see some changes made especially for this one.

1. 2 new continents = 5 digsites on each.

2. Every of 5 digsite offers up to 10 fragments.

3. New races for one of the best BfA professions – Drust people and Zandalari trolls for Archeology.

4. Every rare to solve brings different number of fragments. They come in random way.

5. Get 9 achievements which include an array of rewards and scenario. Get 10 points with each new achievement.

6. Get acquainted with new mounts – hai, hai, hai, hai.

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